Birthday Haul #1

After work today is when people start arriving at my house, so I thought I would pop in real quick and share my birthday present haul thus far. I’ve gotten some pretty bad ass things already. Like a new laptop from my lovely husband! He also bought me the ebook featured in the image and the rest of the stuff is from my thoughtful coworkers.


“When in doubt, go to the library.” – Hermione Granger


Birthday Week

That’s right. I don’t just get a day, I get a week. Seriously. My birthday is Wednesday. My husband gave me my big birthday present this past Friday because he couldn’t wait. Today I get presents from my coworkers. Tomorrow from my uncle. Saturday, Ignited Moth’s sweet little behind will be at my house to finish off the birthday festivities.

My other big present is that my dad and uncle are coming to town to finish the unfinished room next to the master bedroom into a large walk-in closet for us. So with housework, work and company, I may be scarce this next week. I’ll pop in when I can with short posts and try to play catch up on everyone else’s blog next week.

30 was a breeze. 31 will be an adventure.


Rosemary and Rue – Book Review


October Daye, #1

Published Date: September 1, 2009

Publishing Co.: DAW

Pages: 368

Synopsis on Goodreads

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’ve come to find that the rule of thumb with all urban fantasy series is to try more than just the first book. I don’t think this one is going to be any different.

The October Daye series has been on my radar for a few years now. I was apprehensive for reasons I don’t remember but then I read a short story in an urban fantasy collection and decided it was time to give this one a try. I’m glad that I did. It didn’t knock me off my feet but I can see the potential.

Toby Daye was cursed by a fae while searching for missing persons. That curse turned her into a koi fish in some Japanese gardens. Time moves differently when you’re a fish that doesn’t necessarily always remember that it was once a changeling, half-fae, half-human. When the curse finally breaks, it’s fourteen years later. Her daughter is a teenager and neither her daughter or her lover wants anything to do with her. She rejects the fae community and lives a half-life, depressed and scraping by.

Then someone brutally murders one of the few friends that Toby has left in her life, that friend being full-blooded fae, who works a dying curse with her last breath. Toby must avenge her death or die herself. Nothing like the threat of death to kick start the will to live again. The quest reveals some ugly truths about other people Toby considered allies. Once again, her world is turned upside down.

I really enjoyed Toby’s character but had some issues with her choice in lovers. At the same time, I like a flawed character and I can see that growth is going to happen. I love that this series includes some fae types that you don’t read about in too many other series. I will be coming back for second helpings.


Bookstagram – Week 15

I’ve been slacking on updating this one. But then again, I’ve been reading slower as well. My bookstagram is not one with flowery photos of books. While those are fun and pretty to look at, I know as a reader that while I’m reading flowers are not spread next to the book with the perfect cup of tea and a pretty back drop. Not knocking the people who take the time to set that up though, I enjoy those photos as well. Just don’t expect that kind of effort from me. I’m lazy folks.

“March is Women’s History month. I’m reading only female authors in celebration.”
“Not sure it’s a ‘fair fight’ trying to continue this book..”
“An author I can always turn to to distract me from life when it kicks me in the vagina.”
“To get better; one part lots of sleep + 2 parts start new book.”
“Dinner in the crockpot, book in the lap. “
“This book is kind of just annoying me. There better be a damn good twist.”

The Good Girl – Book Review

My first book in the ApTHRILL challenge.


Published Date: July 19, 2014

Publishing Co.: Harlequin MIRA

Pages: 352

Synopsis on Goodreads.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

This book annoyed me the entire way through. I didn’t care about any of the characters, the writing was average, the suspense wasn’t there. It’s one of those slow building books but not in a good way. The twist wasn’t until the last 3 pages and it wasn’t really worth the journey. Why did I read the whole thing? Honestly, it was a breeze to read and a three hundred something page book isn’t tough to tackle when you like 800+ page epic fantasies.

Poor boy committing crime to make money, kidnaps a rich girl from kidnappers. They stow away in a remote cabin and slowly fall in love. A little Stockholm-y, a little something else. Why did he save her in the first place from the kidnappers? There was something different about her of course. He never really pinpoints what that is. He sucked at kidnapping. Almost kills her from negligence and manages to take her to a doctor at the last second. The most miraculous part was when they were able to see the doctor with zero identification.

Okay, okay, enough about this book already. Look it wasn’t horrible but it certainly wasn’t good and it definitely wasn’t suspenseful. If you’re looking to be on the edge of your seat, you won’t find it here.


No Bake Cheesecake

Last week was another coworker birthday and for the first time ever, I made no bake cheesecake. Fairly easy although I recommend an electric hand mixer. See I didn’t want the effort of pulling up my kitchen stand mixer so I muscled this bad boy. My muscles were tired. I need to work out more but that’s not the point.

Tasted great, although no bake cheesecake will never be as good as regular cheesecake. I didn’t make the pie crust myself, no time for that. The cherry topping was simply canned cherry pie filling. Everyone enjoyed it and wonderful birthday fun was had.

The next birthdays are myself and a coworker who was born 1 year and 4 days after me. We do a joint celebration because it’s easier on everyone. I don’t have to make any food for it though and that’s a birthday present by itself.



Recipe here.



I found a fun new book blog guys, Books and Munches. Kathy, the owner of said lovely blog, is hosting ApTHRILL. A month long challenge to read thrillers/suspenseful stories/horror. I’ve been reading a little bit more mystery/thrillers as of late so I thought I would join in.


◊ Post a blogpost / tweet / whatever saying you’ll be joining me in reading thrillers, horrors, suspense novels.
◊ Share your list of books and show us which ones you’re going to try and read.
◊ If you’re sharing your updates on social media, use #ApTHRILL so we can follow up on each other!

I’m currently reading my first selection, The Good Girl. (It’s listed as mystery, suspense, thriller but thus far is only a mystery… to why I’m reading the whole damn thing.)

Second, I plan to read Bad Man. I was accepted to read an ARC by the publisher and there has to be no way it’s as dreadfully boring as my current “suspense” book.

That’s only two I’m planning on. Since it’s not my preferred genre, I don’t want to force myself to read a bunch of it and end up hating that genre. I used to read it a lot more often but reading preferences change. Since I have a read a couple of suspense/thrillers lately that I did enjoy, I figured why the hell not?

Do you enjoy the suspense/thriller/horror genres?

I LOVE the horror genre but since I just read a crap ton of it during the Halloween season, I’ll be leaving it out this go around.


Conspiracy of Ravens – Book Review


Published Date: October 11, 2016

Publishing Co.: Orbit

Pages: 359

Synopsis link to Goodreads.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Review of the first book in the series: Wake of Vultures – Book Review.

Rhett Walker is the Shadow. What that means is still a bit of a mystery to him. What he does know is that he follows his gut feeling into the monster den and kills what needs killin’. This time around Rhett and his friends are begged to take care of a railroad boss that cuts off pieces of his monster workers to fuel building the railroad. A monster that scares and controls other monsters makes quite the villain.

The most important part of this story really isn’t the plot line even though that’s enjoyable. It’s more the journey of self discovery of the main character Rhett, who was previously Nettie Lonesome. You see, Rhett is not only half black, half Native American, he’s also transgender in an era/world where such a thing is not heard of. I cannot give the author Lila Bowen enough credit in how well they portray what that life looks like from the inside.

This is both the tale of the struggle against hate of various forms, and also the love and acceptance of the person. The compassion of Rhett’s friends is so important and moving. I recommend that if you have someone in your life that is LGBTQ you gift them this book series. Let it share hope in their darkest days when the world is being a right evil place. Hell, gift it to everyone. Everyone could use more compassion in their life. Nettie/Rhett is a very likable character, and maybe that relation may help someone who’s close-minded, open up a little.

Celebrate the Ladies – Finale

Happy Easter one and all! Saturday officially ended Women’s History Month but I decided to wait a day for people to get in last minute submissions. I failed myself, to work in one last book review. My brain decided to have a serious case of ADD last night so I’m still working on the last 100 pages of Conspiracy of Ravens.

Here they are:

Man of Tin featured Suffragettes! I love it.

Imperial Rebel Ork threw another curve ball at me and featured my beloved Tank Girl!

Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P. collected her entire contributions into one helpful post. Be sure to check out each one as I learned about some awesome ladies I had never heard of before.

GamersUnitedGG featured a lovely little list of some female fronted video games. Samus Aran will always have a special place in my heart. Not because I’ve ever played a Metroid game, but because my husband who loves the games named our youngest dog after her. 😉

My personal contributions for the last week include; Saga, Volume 4 – Comic ReviewThe Prey of Gods – Book Review & Favorite Female Authors – Part 2.

Below I am going to link every blog that contributed to this Women’s History Month celebration. You guys are some bad ass mother fuckers for helping a girl with  her first blog event. Oooodles of thanks!

Field Notes From Over the Hill

Imperial Rebel Ork


Man of Tin


Ignited Moth

Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P.


I hope everyone had as much fun with this as I did. It inspires me to participate in other people’s blog events. This is definitely a fun little community I’ve wandered blindly into. ^_^