Bookstagram – Week 7

I’ve decided to just count the weeks of the year to keep track of this since I’ve already screwed it up. Another slow week in reading thanks to cabin fever and tackling a tome of a book. You may glory in my awesomeness here.

“Comics, coffee, cuddles.”
“Chores done? Treat yo self!”

Cabin Fever


The cemetery disappeared in fog all day yesterday and I’ve been nursing a severe case of cabin fever the last couple of days. I had the day off Wednesday of work and I kind of just wondered around the shops in town. Most of the time I can handle being couped up in the house but after several months of it my brain just cannot handle much more. It happens every year. It’s just part of life living in Michigan I suppose. (Or anywhere with heavy winters.)

I’ve been slowly working my way through the first book in the Wheel of Time series, The Eye of the World. I’m enjoying it but my brain isn’t letting me read it for any extended period of time with it’s current state of cabin fever eating the fun out of everything. My husband even bought me this great new reading lamp for V-Day and I can only sit still for an hour.

Next week is something to look forward to. Not only is it meeting time for book club, I’ll also finally be seeing Ignited Moth and getting to exchange Christmas presents and celebrate her birthday. (She’s old.)

What do you do when cabin fever hits you?



Locke & Key, Vol. 3 – Comic Review


Published Date: February 2013

Publishing Co.: IDW Publishing

Pages: 152

Synopsis link to Goodreads.

Rating: 4 out of 5

I really enjoyed the third installment of Locke & Key. The kids are toughening up and fighting back, against both the paranormal and an alcoholic mother. We learn about a couple new keys with interesting powers and there is a super epic battle scene in the middle of the volume. The art was really top notch.

The mother is really getting annoying. I understand life has kicked her in the proverbial balls but it’s done the same to her kids and yet they’re the ones being adults and taking proper care of their youngest brother. At this point, if she was killed off, I think life would be easier for the kids. They could continue the battle against evil without any distractions.


The Forgotten Girls – Book Review


Published Date: February 3, 2015

Publishing Co.: De glemte piger

Pages: 312

Synopsis link to Goodreads.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Louise Rick has just been handed a new department within the police department. Her new agency’s first case is identifying a woman who died in the woods. No one seems to know who she is and her death is deemed accidental. But too many small questions surround her death to just close the case once she’s identified.

In order to solve the case, Louise may have to confront some dark secrets she thought she left behind years ago in the small town she grew up in. Small towns have long memories, and this is going to be an uncomfortable investigation.

I think a lot of the magic of this book may have been lost in translation. (Originally in Danish.) That’s not saying that it was bad by any means. The descriptions of people were vague, as the depth of characters were also rather shallow. Which overall, made it hard to connect with any of the characters. As for the murder mystery, that was pretty solid and the investigation was interesting. It also shined a spot light on the horrible conditions in mental institutions back in the day and why there are not nearly as many now.

This is the fourth book in a series but I did not feel like I missed anything important from the three prior books. The lead into the mystery of the fifth book was not intriguing enough for me to continue. I’m fairly certain I can guess the outcome, but the slim chance that I’m wrong still doesn’t arouse enough curiosity for me to follow along.

Bookstagram – Week ?

I didn’t actually forget about posting my bookstagram photos on here. I just spent some time reading several books off of my Kindle and let’s face it, pictures of your ebook device are just not as fun OR pretty. Therefore the past couple of weeks have been photos of my dogs and cat for the most part. But they’re freaking adorable so feel free to go check them out as well.

“Ain’t no shame in my Friday night game.”
“Library treasures. Book club and a buddy read.”
“Well, I’m over the cold. Not sure how I feel about this book so far so time to dive in and find out.”

My final opinion on Truthwitch here.

Truthwitch – Book Review


Published Date: January 5, 2016

Publishing Co.: Tor Teen

Pages: 416

Synopsis link to Goodreads.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Perseverance. It’s worth the effort to trudge through the first one hundred pages of the convoluted mess that is the beginning. The introduction to the world is a little sloppy, but after awhile the characters crawl under your skin and things get more interesting and things are explained better.

The synopsis of this novel gives you a very good run down of the story line, so I won’t be repeating it. What I will do is talk about how refreshing it was to finally read about a solid female friendship. Sometimes, I feel like my best friend and I are the only ones in a sea of women who don’t constantly fight with their supposed BFFs. How we treat each other is always at the forefront of both of our minds, we constantly lift each other up and we never abandon each other for anyone else. (In fact, I told my now husband when we were dating that the stupidest thing he could ever do was try to become between her and I. We’ve been together 11 years now so he clearly listened.)

I don’t read YA that often anymore but I would consider this a good read and something I would definitely pass along to any teens I know. (Especially any girls so that they know what a healthy friendship looks like.) I enjoyed myself and will check out the next installment to the series.


C&M’s Book Blogging Confessions

I am unapologetically stealing Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek’s idea to confess his blogging sins. That boy is quite the sinner and we’re both unashamed assholes, so who better to inspire listing all the reasons why I’m kind of a prick?

  1. I swear a lot. Although now that I’m thinking about it, I think I might not swear enough on the blog. IRL I could challenge sailors to a profanity duel.


2. Also like Drew, I don’t blog every day because….


3. I trash books I hate and I don’t feel bad about that. Not one shred of guilt here.


4. I think some of the publishing companies that give away ARCs on Netgalley have stupid rules. But I may not even match that rule, I’m just paranoid that I do and it’s holding me back from a book I really wanted.


4. Sometimes I pad posts with memes and/or gifs because me brain no worky right first thing the start of day.


5. This is my most guilty confession: if you mostly review romance novels, I do not follow you back. There is no way I’m ever going to read that review or have a single thing to say about it, so why pretend?


I can’t say that I feel cleansed now. I think I’m snuggling with all my sins because I’m completely okay with them. 



Unclean Spirits – Book Review


Published Date: Febraury 13, 2018

Publishing Co.: Abbadon Books

Pages: 320

Synopsis link to Goodreads.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I received this copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Demonic, murderous unicorns. Every god of every pantheon is real and banished to Earth. Despite living among humans, they still see themselves as better and play with human lives like toys. Mostly people don’t know it, but some sell their lives in order to save the ones they love from certain death. Like Cason Cole, his wife and son were stuck inside a burning vehicle after being hit by a drunk driver when time stopped itself and a being who was clearly not human offered to save them if Cason gave himself to a life of servitude.

Cason serves as bodyguard to the god for years, never getting to see his wife and child. Until one day, a bomb blows up the god and kills him permanently. Cason races to his family only for them to not know who he is. Meanwhile, the other gods are very angry. Humans should not be able to kill them. Cason must be found and punished, for they think he is the one who killed the god.

As they hunt Cason, he learns that there may have been a larger conspiracy against him. A conspiracy that took his family away. If one god can be killed, so can others. It’s just a trick of finding their weakness and then vengeance will be his.

An interesting concept. The writing outside of the dialogue could be tweaked a bit. Sometimes descriptions went on for too long or were repeated from a few chapters earlier. Otherwise it was a fast, different story.

Roger the World’s Greatest Therapy Dog -Book Review


Author: Jules Julius

Published Date: March 26, 2014

Publishing Co.: Self-published

Pages: 56

Synopsis link to Goodreads.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

This will be a short review, full of constructive criticisms.

First, the grammar and punctuation needs a hard edit. Quotations were backwards every single time. Sometimes there were periods in the middle of sentences. “Said,” was capitalized every time and used far too much.

Second, I question the age group for which this is written. I can’t really tell who it’s directed at but, I found some of the content questionable. Like Roger bragging how he has no trouble with the ladies and hitting on a female labrador in heels and lipstick, only to be slapped in response because his come on was well, basic.

Third, it could really use more of a focus on the therapy aspect of the story. I think it would be great to teach kids about the world of therapy and therapy dogs and what they actually accomplish.

There is a lot of possibility with this story with some more work and some fine tuning.

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1 – Comic Review


Author: G. Willow Wilson (author), Adrian Alphona (artist)

Published Date: October 30, 2014

Publishing Co.: Marvel

Pages: 120

Synopsis link to Goodreads.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This was cute. That’s the best description I can think of. It follows Kamala Khan, a Muslim American teenager struggling with her identity. Why does she have to eat weird foods, and have an “odd” religion? I want shake her and shout, “High school is stupid! Who wants to be a sheep in the flock anyway?!” But, that’s the perspective of someone who didn’t fit in in high school and who at almost 31 could give a damn what anyone thinks. (Doesn’t mean I’m not right though, high school is stupid.)

As like most teenagers, she sneaks out of the house to attend a forbidden party. A weird fog descends upon the city, she passes out in the street, only to dream an encounter with the Avengers. She’s granted super powers and wakes up being able to shapeshift. The rest of the volume is figuring out her costume and what exactly she’s going to use these superpowers for.

There is the potential for a lot from this comic, but at the same time, I’m so over the high school years that I don’t know that I’m going to want to continue reading about problems at school and then saving the world after hours.