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So delicious it can’t be true. Or could it?

Playing in the Forest

If you’ve never played in the forests of Northern Michigan, you should take the time one day and really give it a try. I went back to my old hometown of Gaylord, MI this past weekend to visit my dad for his birthday. It was a weekend to be all about him and what did he want to do? Go two-tracking in the forest. Something we used to do on a regular basis when we moved to the area and knew no one. And since I had been feeling a severe lack of nature in my life recently, I was all too happy to oblige.




Flying Squirrels

Now not the actual flying squirrels with cute caped armpits, I’m talking about these chunky fucks:


The Fox Squirrel.

Ozzy’s arch nemesis.

Yesterday, I got home from work and promptly took the dogs outside. One of these chunky fucks was apparently surprised by our arrival even though we were not quiet about it. The dogs tree’d him in the smallest tree in the yard. Mind you, this tree is still twice my height. There was no chance that the dogs could actually get to him. Despite this, I didn’t want the dogs harassing him. So ring around the tree I go, trying to grab Ozzy because once I wrangle him, Samus will follow. Dogs are fast though so this was not working. The whole time the squirrel is chattering his fool head off.

Finally, I stop, put my hands on my hips and kindly explain to the squirrel that he needs to shut the fuck up because it’s just keeping the dogs all riled up.


I scream the world’s most pathetic scream, which I think caused him to realize, “OH SHIT THIS IS NOT A TREE” and he lands on my foot and scampers off up a giant maple tree.

Now I am forever scarred by the image of a fat, brown fuck with tail helicoptering coming at me from above.

Fucking squirrels.


Word Up

I woke up and logged into my little blog to find that I’ve hit 500 followers!

A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my little corner of the blogosphere and provided entertaining conversations.


I was recently made a moderator on one of my Goodreads groups. New adventure time! I haven’t done much on it yet other than chatting with people but I’m having fun nonetheless and it makes me feel cool. 😛

If you would be interested in joining a sweet SF/F group and building your TBR pile along with getting the chance to ask some published authors questions about their books, leave me a comment and I’ll let you know the name of the group.



When C&M Trains You.

Trains you in what? Pharmacy, of course you crack heads! (Speaking of crack heads, an interesting past week in the pharmacy, I caught one of our regulars stealing over the counter items. It’s a little obvious though when you swipe a whole shelf. So if you’re going to steal guys, don’t take the whole fucking shelf.)

Things are finally calming down a wee bit but the next couple of days I have to dedicate my evenings to writing a new technician training manual for the pharmacy. The new tech starts Friday. (I’ve been attempting to get this manual done since we got back from Nashville but with all the overtime since firing The Great Tampon Thief, I just couldn’t squeeze it in.) I’m going to make myself look really good as lead technician and be late that day. Samus has an appointment with a new vet we’ve seen in town for Ozzy. It’s just for her yearly things but she’s a very fearful dog so vet visits are always stressful for her and I both. The on-duty pharmacist knows of course so I’m sure it will be fine but first impressions and all.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. I’ve finally been able to squeeze more reading in again and started Beyond Redemption which is so dark, it’s juicy. In the beginning of August, Ignited Moth and I begin a buddy read on A Plague of Giants. You’d think we did buddy reads more often but it only happens every couple of years. Probably should change that Ms. Moth. 😉


July? WTF.

How did we get here already? And why the hell is it so fucking hot?

I only finished (actually am still technically working on) three out of the four books I planned to read in June. Life just won’t slow down right now. We fired one of the technicians at work so it’s been busier, mostly because one of the pharmacists has also been on vacation since this happened. We were going to hire another technician anyway but now we just need to do it a little sooner.

What did previous technician get fired for your wondering? Well, among many things over the years, the final straw was stealing over the counter stuff. Tampons, sunscreen, sun tanning lotion. Stupid shit. Now they’ve earned the monikor, The Great Tampon Thief.

You might be wondering, Were they poor? Could they really not afford these things? The answer is no. Financially, they were just fine. Either it was the thrill or they thought the company owned them these things or a combination of the two.

Besides being extra busy, the atmosphere in the pharmacy is much better. They brought a black cloud to hang over the workplace every day. They will not be missed.

So what can we expect from C&M in July? 

Not much of fucking anything. Maybe cleaning up some reading and hopefully going to back to being free to read whatever I want. I feel like reading some non-fiction here soon. My brain craves knowledge.

Oh I might bake something this week. Doesn’t happen enough anymore so that’s exciting.


Podcasts + Audible

I have recently (in the last week) gotten into podcasts. There are only about one million of them so finding decent ones has been a little more difficult than I intended. Specifically, Sci-Fi and Fantasy book related. So my question for you gentle friends is, what podcast would you suggest for those two genres?

If you know of other good podcasts, non-book related, feel free to shoot me those too.

The podcasts I’ve enjoyed so far; The Scathing Atheist, Serial Killers and Godawful Movies.

Onto my next inquiry. I have very little time these days to look into things very far (working overtime every week) so I’m requesting your experienced knowledge. Is Audible worth $14.95 per month? Or should I only buy audible books that I’m interested in? (The one book I checked the audible price on was $25.95. Is that normal pricing for a single book?)

Thank you for your input!



The Poison Man is Coming

Being a homeowner is awesome. But some days, you have to do less awesome things. Tonight, we have the exterminator coming to give us a quote on spraying for wasps.


While it’s money I really don’t want to spend, my husband is deathly allergic. One got into the house last night and was on the curtains a foot above his head. He almost died of panic attack AND bee sting.


Besides that though, I’m hoping to get a lot done around the house and TO the house this three day weekend coming. Along with a potential trip to the bookstore. *SQUEELS*

What are your Memorial Day weekend plans?



Damn the person that spread this sickness to me! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I currently have the head cold of the century (or at least it feels that way) and it’s seriously cramping my style. I have had so much do this past week and the bare minimum has been done. I did happen to knock out some comics though thanks to having zero initiative to read anything that requires more focus.

Tomorrow we’re throwing a 30th birthday party for my husband’s best friend and there is still so much to do. I love hosting parties though since we bought our house. (It’s already been almost a year since we closed, crazy!) I’ve probably pinned half a million party ideas on Pinterest and look forward to implementing so many of them. But, the next 36 hours is going to require so much more energy than I have. Time to drown myself in caffeine and PCP. (I kid.)


How to Have a Successful Book Club


Who are YOU to tell me how to have successful book club Cupcakes? 

Listen bitch, my book club has had this shit on lock down for 5 years now. It may even be 6 years, I’m losing track. A long ass time nonetheless! We’ve seen other book clubs come and go but we remain strong. /flex

1. Probably the most important suggestion, form a club with people you know and LIKE. It’s not enough to join a club with other people based on the fact that you all enjoy books. Personality clashes happen. Our club met because we all volunteered at the same animal sanctuary together and one of the girls said, “Hey anyone interested in starting a book club?” To which we all replied, HELL YES.

2. Meet monthly. A lot people respond to this with bulging eyes. “EVERY month?!” they cry. I’ve talked to people who their clubs only meet every 6 months. First of all, I feel like the love of books isn’t really there if you can only get to one book in 6 months time and then people still miss the meeting.

3. Rotate who picks the books. Each month someone different hosts book club. Meaning that they select 4 books and email them out for voting. They then determine what day/time works best for everyone and choose somewhere to meet for dinner, drinks or a potluck at their house.

4. Relax and enjoy. If someone can’t make it, no biggie. If someone didn’t get a chance to read the book, no biggie. When you start making strict rules, people bail. No one likes being treated as a pariah just because something came up and they can’t contribute like they usually do.

Our book club is light and fun. We all love reading and encourage each other to go outside our comfort zones and try books in different genres on a variety of topics. We meet once monthly and essentially just have a night out with the girls in which we talk about the book for 5-15 minutes. (Length of discussion always depends on the book and how many people read it.) I think it’s that easy going nature that has kept us 5 years strong. There is no evidence of us slowing down anytime soon.


Self Control is Killing Me

It’s 8:30 am and I’ve just finished boiling rice for a pup with an upset stomach. (Rice + pumpkin = upset tummy relief.) He’s still acting a little lethargic but otherwise, everything else is fine. If he doesn’t perk up today though, a vet visit is in his near future. (He was just there two weeks ago for a check up and diagnosis of a bump on his leg, hystiocytoma. A tumor that is benign and resolves itself in a couple of weeks time.)

Anywho, this post is mostly to complain about my self control that is slowly slipping away. For so long while we were saving for the house, I barely bought any books. Every extra cent was literally going into purchasing our new mini-kingdom. I don’t have to do that anymore. So the thing that’s eating away at me? The need to buy a boatload of books.

Now you might say, I don’t see the problem here Cupcakes! Friend, you would be right. Mostly. The problem is that I already have approximately 100 books waiting to be read around my house. I haven’t counted in a couple years so that is just an educated guess.

The second problem, that it conflicts with one of my New Year’s resolutions. To read as much from the library as possible before my access to the good library expires in December. Making next year’s resolution to knock a huge chunk out of my personal TBR piles at home.

Plus, I have a business trip out of state in June and a big family vacation in December that I should be saving for too.

See? So many complications.

I do have a $20 giftcard to Barnes and Noble from my birthday that I still need to use. I’m hoping it helps quench that thirst but the fact that someone showed me is probably what’s causing the real problem. Do you know how many books you could get at the website for the $35 minimum for free shipping? A fucking lot!

The need to drown in books is consuming my soul.