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Banana Zucchini Bread

Combine the powers of banana and zucchini and I present to thee….a tasty treat!



Recipe Here


Strawberry Crinkle Cookies

Cheap, easy, delicious! The whole batch was gone in less than 24 hours. (It made a good amount of cookies too.)

I calculated, this cookie recipe cost me $3.50 to make. Prepare for a very sticky dough, but if you quickly drop it into the powdered sugar and roll it around, it becomes much easier to handle. Based on the ingredients, you could easily switch up the flavors.

Left side no sprinkles, right side sprinkles. (They didn’t stick very well.)

Recipe Here

Chocolate Cupcakes W/White Choc. Frosting

Oooooo daddy. These were tasty. They were a combination of two different blog recipes. Problem is, the frosting recipe is lost to the recesses of time and only thanks to the impeccable Ignited Moth was I able to make it once again. So I will not be able to link you the site but I will give instructions on how to create it yourself.

First, the cupcakes. Recipe Here. (You’ll see a wondrous peanut butter frosting recipe with it. I’m hoping to try it one day, but today was not the day.) These are dark, delicious and moist. I chose that word strictly for it’s descriptive qualities but if it makes you cringe a little bit too, that’s okay. I like making people uncomfortable sometimes.


Frosting is super easy provided you follow the instructions correctly the first time. Not like myself who fucked up a batch my first go and had to run back out to the store at 9 pm to get more supplies.

1 package instant pudding mix (any flavor!) I chose white chocolate this round.


1 tub cool whip

In a large mixing bowl, mix pudding mix with just enough milk to make a cake batter-like consistency. Then use about 1/2 of the tub of cool whip and fold it into the pudding mix. From here, taste test. You may add more cool whip as you see fit. Too much cool whip dilutes the flavor of the pudding mix. You should have a mousse-like consistency. Slap it on those sweet cakes!



Cream Cheese Cranberry Bread

Have you been looking for a show stopping recipe to bring to family gatherings this holiday season? Then I present my early holiday present to you, good bloggers! This may be my favorite recipe this year so far. Don’t let it intimidate you, it is surprisingly easy. But pay attention to my advice below and avoid disaster the first time around. (It took to me two batches to be successful and I will explain why.)


My first batch was done in a regular loaf pan. While it tasted great, my down fall came when it was time to get the bread OUT of the pan. The bread proves to be rather heavy and it simply fell out in chunks despite being properly greased. So this batch was eaten with fingers directly from the pan. While not a horrible thing to do while at home, at a family event you’ll probably get your hands slapped and be yelled at about your terrible manners.

So with my second batch, I purchased disposable tin bread loaf pans. They were smaller than my regular pans so I used 3 tin pans instead of 2 regular loaf pans. This way, should I need to, I could simply cut off the pan and then serve on a plate sliced to perfection. This was the way to go. Mission successful.



Recipe Here


Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Oh, did you think you were safe from pumpkin recipes since it’s long past Halloween? Well dear reader, you don’t know me very well. I will push the pumpkin all the way until Thanksgiving.

These were delicious sugar cookies, however the pumpkin didn’t really come through. Despite that, I would definitely make them again.


Recipe Here

Slow Cooker Applesauce

Apples, apples everywhere! ‘Tis the season for all things apples. This applesauce was incredible. The only downside was that an entire bag of apples only made enough for about 4 servings. But don’t let that discourage you, because the taste is worth all the effort.

The recipe calls for golden delicious apples however, I’m a rebel. I used McIntosh.


Recipe Here

Carrot Cake Zucchini Bread

I wanted to get one more zucchini bread recipe in before zucchini went out of season. My husband was begging for this one and both the boys (my husband and his best friend/roommate) ate 1 & 1/2 loaves of this in roughly 48 hours. So I suppose that makes it a pretty damn good recipe. I did not make the icing for the top. Icing on bread is not my favorite thing. Glazes are better.


Recipe Here