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The situation with the house is up in the air at the moment. It didn’t appraise for what the owner wants to sell it for so now they want to think about it. I get that, I’m trying to be patient, BUT what can you really do about that? Put it back on the market and hope someone else will pay what you want or update things to increase the value? Thing is, the appraisal is government logged for the next 6 months so they’d be crazy not to take our updated offer. Unless someone has that kind of cash on hand, no one is going to pay over market value on it.

So I’ve hit my bullshit limit and I don’t really care one way or the other how it goes. Either we get it or we’re back to house hunting. I’m done stressing.

Back to books, treats and beer it is!

These guys don’t stress though. They gave up their usual game of chasing each other to nap touching and it was the cutest thing.


Autumn Pup

We brought Samus home on October 18th, 2014. Who remembers the exact day they bring home an animal? This girl. In this case, mostly because my grandfather, who was incredibly important to me, passed away just 3 days before. My husband thought that I needed someone who wouldn’t let me dwell in my grief. Ozzy was an adult and the best grief supporter but his support means snuggling with you while you cry and don’t move for hours. Samus forced me to focus on someone besides myself and I do think, retrospectively, that is was a wise decision on my husband’s part. My depression would have been much worse than it already was and it took a long time to get back to being myself afterwards. I shudder to think how bad it could have been if I didn’t have someone demanding attention of me constantly.

That being said, of course it was the perfect time of the year for adorable sweaters for cute puppies with short fur in a cold environment. Hell, I won’t lie, she’ll probably get a new one this year too.



Ms. Piggle Bottom

Today Samus turns 2 years old! She’s my curve-ball of a dog. All my life I’ve had dogs that were laid back and kind of dopey. She is high energy, neurotic and thinks every stranger is out to kill her. But regardless, I love the pig’s feet off of her! (She has about one million nicknames in relations to pigs because she behaves and makes sounds like one.)



Stay-cation Day Uno

Now, I’m not really going to blog about my stay-cation everyday. Nobody cares that much about the things I’m sitting around my house doing. However, today was not what I intended.

My intent for the week is to get my house in order. We plan on buying a house when our lease is up in a year. So I want to downsize and get everything that we don’t use on a regular basis, packed and ready to ship out at a moment’s notice.

Of course on day one, I wake up with a headache that refuses to vacate the premise. I won’t let that keep me down though, I’ll only be mildly productive and hopefully make up for it tomorrow.

So it’s laundry day and I walked my dogs this morning. That’s where things got a little weird and combative. As I rounded a corner walking my big boy Ozzy, an old woman and her Shih Tzu came out of their house and her dog instantly tries to fight mine. Ozzy doesn’t bat an eyelash because he knows he could eat it in one chomp. What surprises me is the conversation that follows:

Old woman: “I hope you have poop bags.”

Me: “Yeah I do.” (They were in my pocket.)

Old woman: “Because someone has been leaving big black turds in my yard.”

Me: “Well it wasn’t us.”

As if he timed it perfectly, Ozzy bends over and starts pooping right in front of her and I pull out my poop bags. She shut up right quick and walked away.

Now, some asshole lets their dog poop in my yard too and doesn’t pick it up but you don’t see me confronting random dog walkers on the street about it.