Daughter of the Blood – Book Review

I won’t sugar coat this for you, this book is dark.


So if you’re not a grim-dark fan, I suggest you don’t even attempt this one.
I love grim-darks and I’m telling you again, this shit is DARK.

I think that I have officially warned you enough at this point that if you do decide to go ahead, you have no one to blame but yourself.

If you’ve been waiting for an epic fantasy that deals in female power, this is it. Female witches, Blood as anyone with power of the Craft is referred to, lead the world in this series. Males have some power but are basically sex slaves. The only time they truly have power over females is when taking their virginity, which they refer to as ‘spearing’ which is only too appropriate of a term for that. Their social status only rises based on two things, the level Jewel they were born to (the darker the more powerful), and how powerful of a witch they manage to seed.

The Blood was created to be the caretakers of the world, but over the centuries (for witches are long lived) things have turned into power struggles and politics. They fight amongst themselves and destroy one another. The world is a dark, perverted place to live in. Even the High Lord of Hell, Saetan has lost interest in everything. Once he was the proud, powerful consort to High Priestesses, now he just wishes people would leave him alone in his study.

One day a precocious seven year old girl appears before him. She is unafraid of him, just curious. Full of questions and dark magic. Magic no one has seen in ages, magic thought to be legendary. No one knows where she comes from, but she comes and goes as she pleases. Making friends with all manners of people and creatures.

She is Witch. The essence of all that is Blood. Human yet Other. But she is young and impressionable. She could grow up to destroy the world in madness or save it. It all depends on her childhood.

A childhood in which her family believes her mad and sends her to an institution. An institution run by pedophiles that take great pleasure in breaking young witches before they reach their power.

A war is brewing to save her and Saetan is one of the good guys.

12 thoughts on “Daughter of the Blood – Book Review

    1. Thank you! I found it especially difficult to explain the second book in the series. I read it January of this year and still have not done a review on it. Now it’s been so long I don’t if I could do it any justice. I still haven’t read the third one because it’s never in book stores and I haven’t ordered off of amazon in forever.

  1. I remembering reading this years ago. There was this one male character that I kind of had lady boner for lol. Holy lord I forgot that they called it “spearing” *giggles uncontrollably* I think I need to add this to my To Reread list. For whatever reason I stopped after the third book or so.

    1. Well I know that it is a trilogy of trilogies so that should get interesting. As of right now I can’t imagine the story not revolving around Janelle, Saetan, Daemon, and someone else that I forgot their name lol. Another brother I believe. The winged one.

      1. Daemon! That’s who it was. Oh lord I haven’t read those books in years, and I forget why I stopped. I really liked it and didn’t notice a decline in the quality. I still have the first one on my shelf.

  2. This is still one of my favorite series. I have a hard time picking out my favorite novel from the series, but I think the sequel The Shadow Queen is one of the best. You did a fantastic job of introducing the world to folks! Have you read Anne Bishop’s “The Others” series? She’s still writing it, and it’s very different.

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