Autumn is coming.


That’s right. Luckily for you, I’m trying my hardest to resist everything autumn until about mid-September. Then, this blog is going full blown (mostly anyway) autumn/Halloween themed. Because it is legitimately my favorite time of the year. This means pumpkin spice and apple recipes of probably everything and horror/paranormal book reviews. Hopefully some beautiful autumn pictures as well. Just don’t worry about it, I’ve got you covered.

October 1st is my ten year dating anniversary with my husband. October 31st is our wedding anniversary. That’s correct. We love Halloween so hard, we got fucking married on it. There was no white gown for this girl, we were vikings and everyone was forced to wear a costume if they wanted to attend. But that will be a post on it’s own one day.

Do you know what sucks about Autumn?




4 thoughts on “Mid-September

  1. I need to work on my Halloween costume… September is my favorite month heralding my favorite time of the year. I love Halloween aka Goth Christmas. I have this ambitious plan to actually do a legitimate Goth Christmas thing one year with a tree and everything. I’m more of an apple spice girl than pumpkin, and dammit I tried that mirror thing and now there are white girls in yoga pants overrunning my apartment. I thought there was just supposed to be one!

    1. I haven’t even thought of my costume for this year yet. I spent last year planning a big Halloween bash (wedding) so I’m taking it easy this year and just enjoying everything. We might stay home and give out candy just because we’ve never actually done that before lol.
      I’m definitely going to be doing some apple things. I have a recipe for homemade apple cider made in a slow cooker that is at the top of my list.
      I laughed really hard at the meme because I recognize it as very true. Maybe if you throw some apples at them they’ll get out. 😉

      1. My friends throw a party every year, but honestly I can’t wait until I have house so I can give out candy. When I used to live in a townhouse we’d do that, and the kids are always so cute!

        I was planning on being Finn from the new Star Wars this year, but I still need to get his Poe jacket, it’s hella expensive, and I’m a bit of a costume perfectionist. Like I spend stupid amounts of money on them, and this year might be a bit tough, because I’m trying to eliminate debt. I did see this BB-8 dress at Torrid though. I only actually became a true Star Wars fan after VII, and there’s nothing in my handbook that says it needs to be from that, but I’m drawing a blank on everything else.

        Apple is my favorite type of pie and if you want a nice alcoholic treat, mix apple cider with apple pie vodka. Yes. It IS dangerous.

      2. I’ve done apple cider with just regular vodka and also with caramel vodka. DANGEROUS.
        I’ve been thinking about being Liz Lemon because it would be easy and my BFF has told me that if I were a pokemon, Tina Fey would be my evolved form. So it would be relatively easy and cheap.
        That is one thing I have never been for Halloween, a Star Wars character. May have to rectify that in the next couple of years…

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