3 thoughts on “Banana Zucchini Bread

    1. We were talking about doing a greenhouse like your parents plus a garden and if we do I am growing my own zucchinis! (The hunt to find them despite being everyone’s sales, was redonk. Then the ones I found weren’t all that fantastic.) Also, another side note, the farmer’s market here kind of sucks. Only two booths had fruits/veggies and they were wiped out by 10 am.

      1. Oh, awesome! You guys would love it. 🙂 Greenhouses are so fun!
        Aw, that’s a bummer about the farmer’s market there not being all that great. Yeah, definitely sounds like you’ll need to be growing your own marvelous zucchinis! 😀 (I’m still craving that chocolate zucchini bread you made a while back. It was so good!)

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