A Princess of Mars – Book Review

4 out of 5 stars

Finally. Finally, a classic that lives up to the hype. I had almost given up on catching up on all the classics that I have missed but my faith has been renewed.


I loved the memoir style in which it was written. Memoirs have a tendency to become a little plain or boring in my general opinion of such things. But, when the memoir is about your adventures about waking up unexpectedly on Mars, well what could possibly be boring about that?

Burroughs’ creation of the Martian races and civilization were inspired and fun. Great vicious Martian beasts that really only craved a little love from their masters should teach cold hearted humans a thing or two about the animals in their own lives.

My only issues with the story was the easiness with which the hero accomplished some of his more difficult tasks and the love-at-first-sight relationship with the princess. There lies a trope that I’ve always had issue with, but I can manage to overlook it should the story itself prove worthy.

Of course, when I really enjoy a book they always leave off in a cliffhanger fashion.


18 thoughts on “A Princess of Mars – Book Review

  1. I love Princess of Mars. Of course the Michael Whelan cover version I had might have had something to do with it- love his art! But the societies and all the Barsoom stuff was just so cool, I thought. And Woola was awesome. πŸ™‚

    I loved the idea of the atmosphere plant and the way of getting in, and the airships. Such an imaginative story for 1912!

      1. It was apparently an epic mess, but didn’t have to be. I didn’t see it either, but people who did who’d read the book said one why the fuck were they naming it John Carter when it was about the princess of Mars, and two timing. It came out around the time of some other major blockbusters, which was a huge blow that killed it. I’d probably watch it tbh just to form my own opinion.

  2. I enjoyed this book too – I read it for vintage sci fi last year I think. It is a bit dated I suppose and like all books from this era it would be easy to take issue with certain ideas but I thought this was a good ‘pulp’ style read and I also really enjoyed the writing style. I haven’t read further at this point though. Maybe reading for next year’s vintage sci fi!
    Lynn πŸ˜€

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