Science Fiction Month

AAAAAHHHH! It’s officially Sci-Fi month!

I’ve always been a huge fan of sci-fi movies, (die hard Star Wars fan here) but I haven’t read very much sci-fi. At least not in comparison to how much fantasy I’ve read. So my goal for the month of November is to add more sci-fi to my reading list. I probably won’t go as hardcore as I did with paranormal/horror for Halloween but I don’t want to burn myself out on a genre either.

I went to the library yesterday and grabbed quite a few books. I don’t know if I will get to them all but I’m going to try. I think I’m going to start with Station Eleven.

In order to commit even harder to this month’s goal, I’ve joined the lovely Rinn Reads in her Sci-Fi celebration of epic proportions.

Are you going to celebrate Sci-Fi month? If so, how do you plan to do that?


16 thoughts on “Science Fiction Month

  1. Did not know this was Science Fiction month! Well you learn something new every day. I have a few on my list, but like you I was more into fantasy than sci-fi though I did love Star Trek TNG back in the late 80s early 90s. I just recently REALLY got into Star Wars with The Force Awakens, but I always looked at it as a staple of not only sci-fi, but like everything!

    1. I used to watch Star Trek TNG with my dad when I was little. I haven’t watched anything Star Trek since then though. I’ve been considering trying the new movies out though.
      I was raised on Star Wars. Return of the Jedi has always been my favorite and I think I wore my aunt’s tape of it out when I was little lol.

      1. There’s a rule about how every other Star Trek movie is good lol. I like the ones about TNG because Sir Patrick is one of my favorite actors. I LOVE that man and I love his bromance with Sir Ian McKellan, too. Like omfg how could it get better. I like Generations and First Contact, but like I said, anything with Sir Pat is awesome in my eyes. I’m even cool with the new ones especially Into Darkness, because I have a huge celeb crush on Benedict Cumberbatch (I have an English problem…) and his sexy low voice and super green eyes ahhhh. I’m kind of mad he uses an American accent in Dr. Strange. What is that?!

        I was brought into the Star Wars fold fully by TFA, but I absolutely love Clone Wars. The series is better than the prequel movies by a long shot. I do like what Disney is doing with the series and of course the original trilogy is classic. I like Return, too. I’m a fan of the redemption story.

      2. I like how it’s a rule that every other one is good lol. For Star Wars I’ve just been saying that they’re all good except the prequels lmao. It’s okay to have an English problem because this girl has a Scottish problem that she isn’t ashamed of. 😛

      3. Look if a Scottish man in a kilt was in my bed, I wouldn’t kick him out for eating crackers.

        This is one of my favorites since I’m pretty much like “Yeah I’m fat, bitches. Deal with it.”

        You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Station eleven is supposed to be quite good. And I’m hoping to read more sci fi this month too although most of my posts so far seem to be non- reviews. Oh well maybe I’ll get a few books in… have a great SciFi Month!

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