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A Princess of Mars – Book Review

4 out of 5 stars

Finally. Finally, a classic that lives up to the hype. I had almost given up on catching up on all the classics that I have missed but my faith has been renewed.


I loved the memoir style in which it was written. Memoirs have a tendency to become a little plain or boring in my general opinion of such things. But, when the memoir is about your adventures about waking up unexpectedly on Mars, well what could possibly be boring about that?

Burroughs’ creation of the Martian races and civilization were inspired and fun. Great vicious Martian beasts that really only craved a little love from their masters should teach cold hearted humans a thing or two about the animals in their own lives.

My only issues with the story was the easiness with which the hero accomplished some of his more difficult tasks and the love-at-first-sight relationship with the princess. There lies a trope that I’ve always had issue with, but I can manage to overlook it should the story itself prove worthy.

Of course, when I really enjoy a book they always leave off in a cliffhanger fashion.