2022 Bookish Resolutions

The ONLY resolutions that I truly enjoy making are book ones. Let’s see how I did last year!

2021 Bookish Resolutions:

Continue working on my stockpile at home – CHECK. I read 19 books that I own.

Spend as little as possible on books – CHECK. In total I spent $51.13 on books last year. That’s up from 2020 but less than $100 so I consider it a win.

Mood read the entire year – CHECK.

Build a bookshelf – DIDN’T HAPPEN. I really shouldn’t be surprised on this one. That’s 3 years running I’ve failed at it.

Three out of four isn’t bad!

2022 Bookish Resolutions:

Continue/complete series that I have started. I have series ADD so it’s time to force myself to focus a little and clean up my reading habits. I continued/completed 7 series in 2021 without it really being my goal so with my new master list of FORTY series to work on, maybe I will make some much needed progress.

In conjunction with the first resolution, no spending limits this year!

Mood read for the entire year. That was awesome.

Give up on building a bookshelf. Should it happen, it will be a surprise to you AND me! Haha.

Did you make any fun bookish resolutions for 2022??

20 thoughts on “2022 Bookish Resolutions

  1. When I read “three out of four isn’t bad” I of course starting singing “two out of three ain’t bad” by Meatloaf, lol. We were jamming to one of his albums on the way home from your place, so it’s fresh in my mind.

    I, too, have a series goal in 2022. I want to get through a chunk of Reine’s Descentverse series. Her books are so good, but I feel shy because every time I post a review several people note that they don’t like urban fantasy, which is totally fine, but I worry I’ll scare off readers.

    1. The opposite way to look at that is that you may attract new readers as well. Urban Fantasy fan base is pretty huge. Plus, as long as you are enjoying yourself, does it really matter? If you read a couple UF books and THAT makes people decide not to read your blog, were they even really blog buddies to begin with? Besides, sometimes discussing things that someone might not typically enjoy, makes for interesting conversation. I would say that most of what you read would not interest me except that I read your reviews and that makes me go, “Hmm, maybe I WOULD read that.” ^_^

      1. Maybe you’ll come back and feel better after California. I know my mom says her “bucket gets full,” meaning she can only take so much hard stuff before the bucket runs over and she needs to dump it out. She’ll sometimes take a day off here and there, but she also does a vacation.

      2. See, I wasn’t finished with my coffee so I didn’t even remember telling you lol. We are postponing California until when they rescheduled it in April. I guess now we can get some stuff done around the house now. =/

    1. Oh, I know they’re not hard. It’s having the time/motivation to do it mostly. I would even spend the money on the wood but I just haven’t had the time to commit. I really need to though because Mr. C&M really wants a bookshelf for his office but I refuse to buy those crappy ones you put together yourself from the store. We always end up putting too many books on them and the shelves start sagging eventually. D:

  2. Resolutions? Why? It’s not like I’d keep them lol. Probably wouldn’t even remember them longer than January. My blog is the only resolution I ever remember keeping, and that’s because I forgot it was a resolution in the first place.

    Mood read AND no spending limit? I like the way you resolute 😁

  3. My goal is to continue more series because I’ve read a lot of first books like the Greatcoats series, but I haven’t continued with them. Definitely want to do that. Haha, I think I spent a shit ton on books last year. I need to compare from last year, but yeaaaah, I suck at avoiding sales. I’m hoping it’ll be less this year because I discovered a ton of eBooks at the library.

    1. That’s one series on my list! I should make it a top priority actually. I really like those books.
      I just told Mr. C&M about the complete lack of spending restrictions on books and he laughed and said, “Great.” πŸ˜›

  4. I actually have a serious problem when it comes to finishing series – send help!
    I also would like some book shelves although saying that – I tend to buy more ebooks these days. Anyway, well done with your resolutions last year and good luck this year.
    Lynn πŸ˜€

    1. I have cut back on my ebooks because of school. I’m always reading on my laptop so I don’t want to stare at yet another screen right now. But, when I can go back, I have so many books on my Kindle just waiting for me!

    1. The problem with the stockpile of books I have at home is that almost none of them are the continuation for the series I need to work on. :3 So, buying more books this year I go! Plus, I have NO non-fiction books at home if I get the urge to read one. Gotta fix that!

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