Christmas 2021 Book Haul

I hope that everyone had the jolliest of holidays and a great New Year’s Eve. May 2022 be WAY better than the last two years.

Between Christmas and New Year, I had the mighty pleasure of meeting Melanie @ Grab the Lapels and her horror movie crafting husband Nick. They came to our neck of the woods and we celebrated over good food and good beer at the local brewery just a few minutes from our house. Unfortunately, they got the displeasure of driving here during a snow storm. Now that’s dedication folks! I’m so glad that they did though because we had a great time out with them. If only it could have been longer! Stupid work, get’s in the way of all the good stuff. D:< Melanie gives fantastic hugs. They make you feel loved and welcome immediately. We’ve semi-planned some future get togethers so that’s exciting. ^_^

You can’t miss the joy on our faces!

Now, onto the Christmas book haul because as both Melanie and I agree, books are important:

The top book, Dead Space, wasn’t a present technically. I won a book from a raffle over at the lovely Books, Bones & Buffy blog. When I couldn’t decide on a book, I asked her to just send me one of her favorite science fiction books and this is what she sent me. It sounds very interesting and I can’t wait to read it.

I’ve already started Paddle Your Own Canoe and it’s inspiring me to do a few things for the new year. Less social media, get back to woodworking when the weather warms up. I crafted zero wood projects last year and that bums me out.

What was your favorite book you received over the holidays?

22 thoughts on “Christmas 2021 Book Haul

  1. That is cool you got to meet a fellow blogger. Now each of you just has to hope the either doesn’t turn out to be a psycho axe wielding murderer! Oh hurray, the suspense is killing me! πŸ˜‰

  2. Woo! Gotta love a good holiday book haul! πŸ˜€
    And I’m so happy you and Melanie got to meet and had such an awesome time together. ❀
    I can't wait to read the books/comics you guys got us for Christmas. Chris already started reading the Brandon Sanderson book yesterday. ^_^

    1. YAAAAAAAASSSS! I’m SO excited to see what he thinks lol. I hope he really likes it. Are you doing your buddy read with him? Or are you going to read it when he’s done since you’ve got a couple going?
      Next time, you guys will have to come meet Melanie and Nick too!

    1. Yep! I started getting into in 2018? My grandfather used to build all kinds of furniture. (I have 3 of his pieces.) I wanted a new hobby so I started with very small projects so far. I’ve been saying I am going to build a bookshelf for about the last 3 years but it hasn’t happened yet. Then, the pandemic hit and wood prices skyrocketed. I made my dad a gun rack the spring of 2020 for Father’s Day. That was my last (and biggest) project.

      1. The best way to get back into something you haven’t done in a while is to start small again. Hence, you should begin whittling stakes for the vampire stabbin’.

  3. ‘Paddle your own canoe’ – I love that phrase. It’s a phrase that one of our friends used when we first moved into an area and they wanted us to discover new places and people for ourselves (with some gentle guidance) rather than be swayed by their experiences.
    Lynn πŸ˜€

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