Old Fashioned Molasses Cookies

‘Tis the season to hit the baking HARD. I don’t know that I will actually get too because work is burning me out so bad but I am trying people.

These cookies were awesome. They even go well dipped in coffee. Exceptionally well. Just don’t let it hang out in there too long because they break off fast and then you end up with cookie crumbs in the bottom of your coffee and well, that’s not all that bad really. 😉

Recipe here.

22 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Molasses Cookies

    1. More the nature of the work and people. We’re up to 40 vaccinations per day and that was putting a cap on how many we could do. Our covid testing is also increasing at our store. On average we do about 15/day and our sister store had to cap theirs at 60/day because they were doing almost 100/day with two techs and one pharmacist. This is all on top of filling around 200 prescriptions per day. The phones never stop ringing. It’s just a madhouse with no end in sight currently.

      1. I spent most of this past weekend sleeping. I slept 10 hours Saturday night and still took a nap Sunday. It’s just so hard to feel rested anymore. I’m up to two coffees a day just so I can manage schoolwork when I get home. =/

      2. I’m glad to hear so many people are getting vaccinated. I know at one point we were talking about how your pharmacy had to throw away vaccines because people didn’t want them.

      3. Ah, that makes sense. I know people are looking for certain vaccines at this point. I knew I wanted Moderna because it’s show to have better protection, and I had Pfizer twice. I’m surprised people are still getting J&J. Then again, I read that it’s a great vaccine for people who are unlikely to come back for a second dose, whether that’s someone who is homeless, transient, has troubles remembering to do something (maybe ADHD?), is scared of needles, etc.

      4. I would have done Moderna for my third dose but I did mine just before they came out with that information so three doses of Pfizer for me. Something is better than nothing! (But it’s not one I would personally pick.)

      5. I’ve heard that people who got two Moderna then got a half dose for their booster? But when I signed up for my appointment, I don’t remember if they asked which vaccines I’d had before…

      6. It’s already in there, ack! I signed up on the website and described the shots I had before. I’m hoping they did not OD me. At least, I’ve got the strength to type this comment! LOL.

  1. You are definitely one of the front line workers who have kept us all going through this pandemic, and for that I give you a hearty salute and send a sincere Thank You! The cookie recipe looks delicious. I saw one where there made a sandwich with a little buttercream frosting. Maybe you need to take one of those with you to work. 🙂

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