C&M Mini-Vacay Beeches!

I’ve been living the life of no work since Friday evening and it has been fan-tabulous! Eating out at restaurants on a frequent basis, antiquing, being spoiled by my dad with candles, coffee mugs and new shoes while he’s town and just relaxing in general. Life at work had pretty much become as follows:


I have one day left and I plan to make the most of it before I return to the dredge of earning money. (The bank account is hurting due to my good times but oh well!)


12 thoughts on “C&M Mini-Vacay Beeches!

  1. You should find something you like doing and find a way to make money from it. I’ve been working in the building industry for the last twenty years. Dealing with architects, designers, builders and just your general wankers. I did build site visits, corporate meetings and presentations and flew all over the country. Everyone thought I was so lucky but I felt dead inside. The money was great but I didn’t like what I did. Four months ago I walked away from it all and started my own garden maintenenace business. Now I work on my own in the sun rain and hail and I bloody love it. I earn half of what I was before but I see my kids and wife more. I’ve lost weight and I’m generally healthier in mind body and spirit! The hardest thing was the first step. I always preached “if your not happy fix it” and I always did that in every other way for my life apart from work. Now, I’ve fixed that too. 😊😊😊

    1. I don’t hate what I do, I actually enjoy it but unfortunately, you also burn out eventually. This was my first vacation in a year I think and I was more than ready for it. The only thing that I would really want to do other wise would to start an animal rescue which is a HUGE endeavor. And if I think I get burned out now, I think it would much worse dealing with one of the shittier sides of humanity daily. That’s great about starting your own business though! Gardening is fun and relaxing. I definitely need to work on getting healthier though!

      1. Ahh I see. Everyone needs a break at some point. Animal rescue would be cool but it’d be hard restraining yourself from not punching people that mistreat animals in the throat! Have you seen planet of the apes? The one with John Lithgow. Even though the ape was CGI it still infuriated me when Caeser was in captivity and that Harry Potter bad guy tormented him. Grrrrrrrrrrr. If you haven’t seen the movie just ignore my psycho babble hahaha

      2. Haha ditto! A long while back I saw a dog (little jack Russell) bite a fella at the park. The bloke kicked the dog so hard. I ran over and the bloke thought I was going to his assistance but I shoved him and told him to F off. Picked up the jack Russell and went and looked for the owner haha.

      3. Well now you’re just my hero! I always tell my husband not to even bother paying my bail money if I see someone hurt an animal. But knowing him, we’d be sitting side by side in jail lmao.

  2. Ha! Love that Tank Girl pic. 😛 Sounds like you’ve been having some much needed fun and relaxation. Good to hear it! 😀
    I’ve got a 4 day weekend coming up this weekend and I am so ready for it. Adulting is lame and for suckers. lol

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