13 thoughts on “Holiday Madness

  1. I’ve spent most of this day playing catch up. I give up on attempting to do anything new/out of the ordinary until after the madness of the holidays has subsided. I managed to wrap my husband’s presents and we now have a tree albeit not decorated. Eh it’s still a week until. It’s cool. It’s cool.

      1. I still need to decorate our tree. It’s just sitting there pathetically with only the angel topper and no lights. I need to get the ingredients for cookies and presents for my brothers. I’m off Thursday and Friday AND Monday yasss.

      2. And I’m currently just sitting on my ass, answering comments and watching Futurama. I may order Chinese food for lunch. I cleaned the kitchen though so it’s not like I’m a total lazy ass lol.

  2. lol It’s okay. Just keep reminding yourself “It’s almost over . . . it’s almost over . . . it’s almost over!!!” :p I can’t wait to give you guys your presentssss!! I finished all my x-mas shopping today (FINALLY!) and just have a lot of wrapping ahead of me. Good luck with the last of your holiday shenanigans. 😉

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