9 thoughts on “Snickerdoodles

  1. Nice! Who can resist a good snickerdoodle? 🙂 I’ve got a bunch of baking to do tomorrow. Cream cheese banana bread and various cookies. I know you mentioned you were gonna bake stuff for some people. I’m sure they’ll be stoked to get some scrumptious baked goods. Good luck with your holiday baking! ❤

  2. Yum! Never made snickerdoodles. I’ll have to give them a try someday. I’m doing my cookie making tomorrow. Homemade chocolate chip and a store bought mix for sugar cookies. I’d do those from scratch, too, but time is of the essence.

    1. I was up until 1 in the morning Friday night trying to get everything done including baking. I ended up having to push one batch of cookies until Christmas Eve. Can I just sleep for the next week please?

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