Winter Has Come

It’s been a weird winter here in Michigan. We’ve received hardly any snow, mostly cold rain and gray, gray days. This past Wednesday we were hit with a pretty good storm, and it finally feels like a real Michigan winter. At the very least, the snow is pretty, and it makes the house feel cozier.

I’ve been hunkered down with lots of schoolwork as of late. I do have a book haul on the horizon, a book review and a possible comic review as well. Until then, I try to check in every couple of days when I have extra time. So, for now, I leave you with cute dogs in winter pictures.


12 thoughts on “Winter Has Come

  1. yeah, sounds just like our winter. I was actually hoping we might get lucky and not have to deal with snow. Twas not to be. But! We only have to get through february now πŸ™‚

      1. Not as much as Ridley. That’s actually part of the reason we got Ridley. She was refusing to pay any attention to me at all after Ozzy died. I just wanted the comfort of a dog, and she would get up and walk away. After we got Ridley, she started cuddling more again. Still not as much as Ridley, he’s a cuddle master supreme.

      2. Yeesh, I mean “wiping” off their feet. I must have be commenting on my phone.

        That’s so cold when a pet walks away. I got used to it with cats for a long time, but now that Kitty is in the mud room, she’s a people appreciator.

      3. I knew what you meant lol.
        The worst part was that she wouldn’t do it to Rob, just me! He didn’t believe me at first until he witnessed it. Jokes on her, because of her actions, she has a little brother that won’t leave her alone for half the day. πŸ˜›

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