Thanksgiving 2021

I’m not going to lie, that sounds like a really rad Thanksgiving morning right now. Except, I ain’t got no pie!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you choose to visit relatives, I hope you have played it safe and help stop the spread of this virus. This time next year, I don’t want to be looking down the barrel of three years of this shit.

Have fun, make memories, get fat on delicious food!

17 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2021

    1. Thank you. It was fun despite there being SO many children lol. My husband’s siblings were there with all their kids and it was utter chaos but I do enjoy being an aunt. If they poop themselves, I just hand them back to their parents. 😉

    1. Mr. C&M used the opportunity to chew out all his siblings for not being vaccinated. We’re triple vaccinated at this point so we’re probably the safest people there but he wants them vaccinated obviously. They had very poor excuses like they just didn’t have the time because they have kids and he owned them in response to that. Otherwise the rest of the people there were vaccinated or too young to be vaccinated yet.

      1. I wish you could see my face right now. How is having kids an excuse to NOT get vaccinated? The shit people will try to use. I will admit I waited longer than maybe I should’ve but I wasn’t leaving my house and it can be hard for me to do so because of my stupid health problems, but I’m vaxxed now and intend to get my booster in January when I can, especially since this omicron variant is out now. It takes literally 15-30 minutes to go to almost any pharmacy.

      2. It’s not an excuse, they just thought we would fall for it because we don’t have kids and don’t understand. But Rob looked his sister dead in the eyes and was like, “If you can make time to go to the gym for a couple of hours every day then you can damn well make time to get vaccinated.” BOOM.

      3. You’re damn right. I unfriended someone recently for the horrific shit they were saying about the gyms closing during quarantine. Like how being “in shape” was all you needed to do to avoid covid and how being fat or whatever was a bigger risk and there was some more awful stuff thrown in. I am in no way against gyms/exrercise/working out (I love dancing lol), but it is NOT going to save you from a virus. Yeah you might not die or be debilitated, but you might give it to someone who will be, but according to some of these people that’s on them *rolls eyes* Also while I’m not a parent either and I can only imagine who taxing it is to have children, parents don’t own the monopoly on not having enough time/energy to do things.

      4. That’s why body builders have died of Covid right buddy? This virus don’t give a fuck about your health. Rob’s uncle had type 1 diabetes but otherwise was a very healthy 54 year old and it took him out.

      5. Right?? It makes no damn sense the “logic” these people employ, and they’re putting others at risk with their bullshit. I actually heard that you could get the booster a few weeks before the six month mark, so I might try to get mine whenever I can in the next few weeks since I got my second early July.

  1. Your post now has me craving pumpkin pie. D:
    I actually tried sweet potato pie for the first time this year, and it was really good! It was a lot like pumpkin, just a little heavier on the spices and a little less firm.

    1. I’m still on the fence about sweet potato. I had never tried it until a couple years ago and I haven’t had it again since. Only have trying it once, I’m not even sure if it was a ‘good’ sweet potato pie or not. I really missed my uncle’s pumpkin pie this year! D:

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