Science Fiction Month 2021

Good morning aliens and astronauts! As per usual with my life lately, I cannot dive fully into science fiction as much as I would like but I’m still getting doses in here and there. I will take what I can get though, as it’s a much needed reprieve.


Saga is always a delight. I don’t think I’ve complained about a volume yet and I need to catch up before the new one comes out.

H.G. Well’s The Time Machine is a buddy read with Ignited Moth for our joint blog Sugar and Scream.


I stuck with a couple of great 90’s sci-fi movies that I knew wouldn’t fail me.

How is Science Fiction month going for you??

10 thoughts on “Science Fiction Month 2021

  1. I have been so unorganised this year. I didn’t actually plan anything but I thought I’d squeeze a couple of books in – but no, it just hasn’t happened.
    I love both those movies bigbadaboom.
    Lynn 😀

      1. Saw it with school friends when I was 17 or so.

        Stalker is bleak and existentialist. I really liked it. It is based on the novel ‘Roadside Picnic’.



    1. I watched Stalker after a Russian feminist author said I HAD to. I didn’t realize it was a book until just recently. The movie itself was truly some low-budget creativeness, but I was so drawn in for reasons I could not explain.

  2. Saga is great and I really should catch up on it.

    I’m off in space and didn’t even realize it was science fiction month. I did watch the first episode of Cowboy Bebop’s live action adaptation yesterday though.

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