July 2021 Vacation

I finally got around to sending myself the pictures from my vacation back in July. The plan was relaxation, exploring Michigan and trying new beers in celebration of Mr. C&M’s birthday. He’s a big craft beer fan so he did a lot of drinking of beers he’s never tried and beers that we just can’t get in our area of Michigan. He says the birthday was a huge success and now he doesn’t want to drink any beer for awhile lol.

You don’t want/need pictures of all the breweries we went to so here are some of the pretty points of the trip:

Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula – Highly recommend.

Mackinaw Island – We didn’t take a lot of pictures outside as it was pretty rainy half the day. This was the big beer goal. Inside of the Grand Hotel is a bar called The Cupola, Short’s Brewing Company does an exclusive beer that you can only get at this location so of course, Mr. C&M just HAD to have it. The Grand Hotel requires you to pay $10 per person if you’re not a guest of the hotel just to walk around it. With the right swagger, acting like you belong there, no one questions your presence and you can get in for free. At least, that’s how we did it. He says Big Porch Ale is totally worth it. The butterfly house is a lot of fun too.

Sunset on the Mackinaw Bridge.

A whole day was dedicated to the dogs having fun. We hit a lake for swimming and followed that up with ice cream for everyone.

My dad bought me an informational book about the Upper Peninsula for more places to check out. I’ve done some traveling in the U.P. as we Michiganders call it, but a lot of it was when I was much younger so I want to get back up there and see what other adventures we can get ourselves into. Honestly, just driving place to place in the UP is fun as the scenery is just breathtaking pretty much everywhere you go.

It was a much needed getaway from day-to-day life and helped refill the gas tank so to speak. It also reinforced my desire to just sell everything, get a camper and travel. :3

15 thoughts on “July 2021 Vacation

  1. Great photos. I’m thinking of setting a significant portion of my next book in the Upper Peninsula (have family in lower Michigan but nothing up there).

    1. I wish I was a poet to accurately describe the beauty up there. The dogs loved it. The one where they are looking off across the lake is our absolute new favorite photo of them. They look like they’re just taking in the scenery. I can’t wait to go again. πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah, one week is never truly enough. There’s a reason a standard vacation used to be 2 weeks way back when. A couple of days to get over being done with work, a week of enjoying the vacation and hten a couple of days dreading getting back to work πŸ˜‰

    1. I am not a beer person (I don’t drink anything carbonated). I fully support his love for it and know WAY too much about craft beer because of it lol. I will however, test any margarita that crosses my path. πŸ˜›

      1. Ha that’s great, because he loves it so much he insists on me trying it every time with him just in case I might like it too.. the only time I’ve enjoyed drinking beer with him was in Berlin and they were red and green and fruity and oddly delicious. I’m more of a whisky/bourbon girl myself.

  2. I absolutely love the U.P. After I got my driver’s license, whenever I was mad I would hop in my car and zip up to The Bridge just to look at it. I even left around midnight one time with a girlfriend and we ended up getting home as the sun was rising. Not recommended, as two sleepy teens aren’t the best drivers! You know when it’s great to go to Mackinaw Island if you’re into the scenery is in the winter. The ferry only comes and goes like 2-4 times per day, but there’s nothing open, no horses, no horse poop, no tourists, and you can just travel around the whole island in peace. When I was there I think one bar was open because there are still locals who live there, so it’s not like the ENTIRE place is shut down.

    1. That would be really interesting to hit Mackinaw Island in the winter. I honestly never consider it. I would really like to get a tent or small camper and just wander around the U.P. and see as much as possible. There is just so much up there.

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