26 thoughts on “Forever Susan

  1. I didn’t realize that lilies have different names, which, of course they do. Most people in Michigan just refer to the orange Tiger Lilies as “ditch lilies,” because that’s where most people like them to grow. Congrats on passing your exam. I knew you could do it!

    1. I SWEAR to you that I was just thinking that those specific lilies should be referred to as Ditch Lilies because that’s where you see them the most. I did NOT know they were already called that by people lmfao. It is accurate. I wish my double tiger lilies would bloom but I appear to have an aphid issue on them only….

      1. And I know there are two orange lilies that grow in Michigan; one is quite full like the ones you have in your photo, the others, often found in ditches seem smaller, but spread a lot.

  2. I have never seen flowers like that before o.O I was toing to say something about me having a black thumb, but not even I want to make a pun THAT bad. I really do wish I could keep plants alive though. I love succulents. I wonder how I’d fare with a nice cactus…

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