Coffee & a Chat – Cat Papers

Good morning folks. It’s your favorite person, the perpetually tired Cupcakes & Machetes. I’m here to ask you; Does WordPress get more and more stupid to use every time you log on?

Because it feels that way to me.

Not really a lot going on here. Just trying to recover from one the worst work weeks I’ve had in a long time and I have mid-terms for Accounting coming up this week so it might be quiet here for a moment.

I’m VERY slowly making my way through Pet Sematary for a buddy read with Ms. Moth.

Picked up a couple of ebooks for very cheap:



Mr. C&M and I are all caught up on Attack on Titan now until January. I’m not sure what our next watch will be.

We have a vacation coming up in July and I cannot wait. We need to escape for a bit and do some exploring and just plan old have fun.

I hope everyone else’s week was better than mine. ❀

23 thoughts on “Coffee & a Chat – Cat Papers

  1. Sorry to hear your week was so bad 😦

    As much as I hate to say it, WP is definitely trying to score high on the “We Make the Bad Decisions so you don’t have to” award….

  2. I’m not sure if WP is getting more stupid or I am? My money is on the latter haha. Sorry you’re having a tough time of it but at least you’ve got a holiday coming soon. Where are you off to?

    1. We’re just staying within the state currently. Travel prices have skyrocketed now that the quaratines are being lifted. We’ll use my dad’s house as a way station and hit some breweries and natural attractions in the tip of the mitt and up into the U.P.

  3. WordPress does this dumb thing where I’m trying to edit one block, and it’s got the task bar thingy (bold, italics, etc.) right in my way! I have to move the screen around to navigate this thing out of my way. What a lovely photo of your cat! My cat likes to keep books company. This morning, I was watching the news and drinking my coffee. She came up and slammed her head into my hand so I would pet her…..but it was the hand holding my coffee cup. I had to get up and change!

    1. Oh no! I don’t let my cat on my lap while I’m drinking my coffee. She’s done that to me before and she’s also dipped the tip of her tail in the coffee too. D:
      I feel like every time I try to post on either blog, some new annoying thing happens. I miss the ease of the old days!

    1. Yes! Thank you. Things at work came to a screeching halt for some reason. I suppose everyone is getting the hell out of dodge while they can and they took their bad attitudes with them. πŸ™‚

      1. Can you still use the Classic method? I bookmarked a link to the old wp-admin and the option for the Classic is still there. I think you just need to put/wp-admin after your site name! I can’t deal with the Block/Gutenberg shit.

      2. I’d give it a try. Like I know I can’t deal with the stupid block shit, so I googled real quick how to get back to my regular page. I do like that the app is sort of back. It makes it easier to add pics I’ve taken on my phone.

  4. That Armin meme, I love it! πŸ˜›
    My mom just recently got all caught up on AoT too so now we’re all stuck playing the waiting game. D:
    Just a heads up, if you watch that one anime I told you about Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, make sure that you’re not starting with the one on Netflix since that is just a few episodes and takes place AFTER the events of the season 1 storyline. πŸ˜‰
    Looking forward to catching up on our next zoom chat! ❀

    1. Good to know! I had not looked up that anime yet. Rob keeps wanting to try ones that I don’t want to watch and it’s hindering my anime excitement. I have a small list that I actually want to watch and he wants to keep trying other stuff that doesn’t seem as fun. Like I said, I think I’m into dark animes.
      I love that we can chat AoT with your mom lol. ❀

      1. Haha me too! ❀ She just recommended an anime for Chris and I to watch, so I'm really interested to check it out. ^_^
        There's so much good dark anime out there so hopefully Rob will watch some with you soon! πŸ˜€

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