July? WTF.

How did we get here already? And why the hell is it so fucking hot?

I only finished (actually am still technically working on) three out of the four books I planned to read in June. Life just won’t slow down right now. We fired one of the technicians at work so it’s been busier, mostly because one of the pharmacists has also been on vacation since this happened. We were going to hire another technician anyway but now we just need to do it a little sooner.

What did previous technician get fired for your wondering? Well, among many things over the years, the final straw was stealing over the counter stuff. Tampons, sunscreen, sun tanning lotion. Stupid shit. Now they’ve earned the monikor, The Great Tampon Thief.

You might be wondering, Were they poor? Could they really not afford these things? The answer is no. Financially, they were just fine. Either it was the thrill or they thought the company owned them these things or a combination of the two.

Besides being extra busy, the atmosphere in the pharmacy is much better. They brought a black cloud to hang over the workplace every day. They will not be missed.

So what can we expect from C&M in July?Β 

Not much of fucking anything. Maybe cleaning up some reading and hopefully going to back to being free to read whatever I want. I feel like reading some non-fiction here soon. My brain craves knowledge.

Oh I might bake something this week. Doesn’t happen enough anymore so that’s exciting.


13 thoughts on “July? WTF.

  1. It sucks having that one rotten apple in the work place… but wow, what a relief when they finally get the old ‘Spanish archer’! (El bow)

    Enjoy the peace of mind πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, the dogs didn’t like being inside so much but I tried to explain to them that if they kept running around in that heat, they would die. Plus, I don’t particularly like sweating.

      1. How did they take that? I’d show them pictures of burnt paws. Though I try not to look at those because they piss me off. I’m trying to explain to Princess Garnet that she does not want to go outside, because she’s continually meowing at the door. She would freak the fuck out if we ever did.

      2. They just get kind of whiny and roudy. Depending just how hot it is, Ozzy will say fuck it and wander right back up to the door. He has longer fur though. Our cat yells at us when we’re on the patio (excuse me, catio) without her. It’s fully screened in so she’s lucky she gets a little outside air once in awhile. (Although, this leads to her trying to slip out the door when we’re not looking.)

  2. Ugh, the heat this summer is terrible. Bleh! >_<
    Glad the vibe is so much better at work. Also, loving her villain name, The Great Tampon Thief. πŸ˜›

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