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Vicious – Book Review

5 out of 5 stars

“He withdrew the paper and unfolded it gingerly. It was a stick-figure drawing. Two people holding hands. A thin man in black and a girl, half his height with short hair, and wide eyes. The stick-girl’s head was cocked slightly, and a small red spot marked her arm. Three similar spots, no bigger than periods, dotted the stick-man’s chest. The stick-man’s mouth was nothing more than a faint grim line.
Beneath the drawing ran a single sentence: I made a friend.”

This story is basically about two best friends who become arch nemesis’. Each having their own extra other worldly power. Each thinking differently about people with extraordinary powers. Each betraying the other and spending the next ten years plotting revenge or massacring other people with powers. Each seeking to end the other.

Damn was this a fun ride! The first half of the book I was really worried about myself. I mean, I was siding with a sociopath. Turns out both of the main characters are sociopaths. So I started feeling a little better about things, but then I thought it through some more. I was still siding with a sociopath one way or the other. Then the guilt of that went away and I was firmly rooted in the camp of one, Victor Vale.


I know I really condensed my feelings and summary down on this one but don’t let that deter you. I merely wish to not ruin a single thing for you.

Because this book leaves you feeling a little something like this: