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Books I’m Thankful For

Well isn’t that a hard list to whittle down?! I’m jumping on the thankful for books bandwagon because really, can you thank books enough? I think not.


I have accepted the fact that the only way I’m going to know how this story ends is via the tv show. I still have to thank GRRM though for getting me into epic fantasy. This one series has lead me to so many wonderful books that it would be supremely rude to ignore it just because I’m bitter that the next book still isn’t out.


This isn’t the first Chuck Palahniuk book I read, but it is my favorite. The wonderful world of Palahniuk can’t be described, it can only be experienced.


The first book in the series is not my favorite BUT this series is my absolute favorite Urban Fantasy world. This was also my introduction to the Ilona Andrews world and that is not something this girl regrets.


From the start to finish, this is an excellent trilogy. It was also my introduction to Brandon Sanderson and he’s now on my Must Read Everything By This Author list.


I am thankful for this book for it’s ability to be both wonderful fantasy and light, fluffy fun. The fact that it hardcore reminds me of World of Warcraft helps too.

Well that’s my list book fiends! What books are you most thankful for??

Thankful for Authors

Ok, ok. Everyone is thankful for everything this time of year, however let’s focus on authors. If it wasn’t for them, the world would be a much darker place.

I’m going to keep one of my favorite authors OFF of this list because of two reasons: 1 – He makes SO many people’s list. 2- I’m currently in a perturbed mood with his lack of production on the ASIOF books. (I’m not generally one to get all pissy about it but, I am today. I want more books damnit!)

As long as they fuel you to continue writing George, I’m ok with that.

My top 5 favorite Authors:

  1. Robin Hobb
  2. Anne Bishop
  3. Mark Lawrence
  4. Patricia Briggs
  5. Pierce Brown

What authors are you most thankful for?