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October Week 3: A Virus Strikes

This past week was a little less eventful in the Halloween department. Only because we attended a metal concert (Midnight, Abbath and Obituary) Tuesday night and I’m pretty sure that’s where I picked up this lovely little virus I’m currently battling. So every night, after work, was pretty much me relaxing and then sleeping. Each day I feel a little bit more human but man, I haven’t had that bad of a sore throat in a long time. I actually had to take pain meds because it felt so awful and swollen.

Now, I’m mostly a mucus factory so that’s an improvement. 😀


I had thought I had seen this movie earlier in life but upon watching it with Mr. C&M (it’s one of his favorites), I realized I never have. It was fun. 100% 80s horror movie. (Currently available on Amazon Prime.) 4/5 stars

Another movie I’ve managed to never see. This one was pretty cheesy. It’s one of those I would recommend you watch at least once, so you can say you’ve seen it, but then you’ll probably never watch again. (Currently on Netflix.) 3/5 stars


I just finished Nightwise last night. I really enjoyed it and I’ll review it later in the week.


Well, with being sick, nothing really happened in the treat department. Soup season has definitely begun though!

We went and began purchasing parts of our Halloween costumes today. This coming Saturday we have a Harry Potter party to attend, thrown by Mr. C&M’s friend and coworker. She’s been planning it for months and it’s going to be 100% Harry Potter related so we’re pretty excited about it.

We also picked up our pumpkins. They’re currently sitting in the dining room warming up so we can carve them soon.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

The Time is Nigh

I’ve held out long enough. Despite the fact that autumn is officially only 7 days from now, I’ve decided to get this party started.

My first pumpkin treat of the year was this:


It wasn’t bad but kind of meh. It got old after a couple of bites.

This bad boy though:


My husband surprised my BFF and I with these. I’m not a big Starbucks fan but their frappuccinos available in stores are on point. Especially this one. YUM.

I’ve begun my paranormal/horror books marathon with The Girl With All The Gifts. I have a good number of book reviews from years past to post as well.

So. Much. Excite.

Let the spooky shenanigans begin!



Autumn is coming.


That’s right. Luckily for you, I’m trying my hardest to resist everything autumn until about mid-September. Then, this blog is going full blown (mostly anyway) autumn/Halloween themed. Because it is legitimately my favorite time of the year. This means pumpkin spice and apple recipes of probably everything and horror/paranormal book reviews. Hopefully some beautiful autumn pictures as well. Just don’t worry about it, I’ve got you covered.

October 1st is my ten year dating anniversary with my husband. October 31st is our wedding anniversary. That’s correct. We love Halloween so hard, we got fucking married on it. There was no white gown for this girl, we were vikings and everyone was forced to wear a costume if they wanted to attend. But that will be a post on it’s own one day.

Do you know what sucks about Autumn?