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Making the Benjamins

So, we talked about how going back to work after a vacation sucks yesterday. Maybe that made you wonder (or maybe it didn’t and I will tell you anyway) what a Cupcakes and Machetes does to pay the bills. Or the only things my dogs care about, buying the biscuits. I keep telling them to get jobs and buy their own biscuits but well, they rebel by simply laying around being cute most of the day. A job that I feel I should have, but my husband keeps saying things like, “Then how will we keep a roof over the dogs heads?” and, “How will the dogs have nice things?”

Valid points but I don’t have to be happy about it.

I count pills for a living. Just kidding! I’m a spoiled rotten pharmacy technician that doesn’t even have to count those little bastards because my boss bought a machine that does most of the work for us. I still do all the other things pharmacy technicians do like forward patients to pharmacists to ask things like, why is my poop this color and that shape? Don’t laugh. It’s true.

Or, will you please look at this, what I think is an in-grown hair? And they proceed to pull down their pants to their pubic area. There was the patient complaining that his suppositories weren’t working and come to find out, he wasn’t taking them out of the tin foil. Or, the woman who wanted a refill on her birth control and when she handed the pack over, there were only 5 pills missing sporadically across the pack. Turns out, she thought you only had to take them on the days that you have sex….This one happens more often than I’m comfortable with.

When someone in pharmacy tells you that there is never a dull day there, you now know that you should probably believe 100% of what they say. It may sound far-fetched but this is really how people behave.

So with that, I will probably dedicate a section of this blog to pharmacy stories, because sometimes they’re just too good to not share.