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Pestilence (The Four Horsemen #1) – Book Review

Published Date: September 14, 2018

Publishing Co.: CreateSpace

Pages: 381

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I honestly thought that I would not like this book. I thought that if I didn’t hate it, I would at least not finish it. I mean, the cover is cheesy and the premise is not one of my usual choices. However, much to my surprise, it sucked me in.

Sara Burns drew the short stick. The apocalypse has begun and this firefighter drew the stick that decided she would be the one to die trying to kill one of the Four Horsemen. That’s right folks, God has unleashed his wrath because well, humans suck. Or a lot of them do at least. Four or five years ago, the horsemen rode the Earth and destroyed the human way of life. Then, three of them went back to sleep while Pestilence spread his terror upon the planet.

Now Pestilence has come to Sara’s neck of the Canadian woods and she has been chosen to try to take him out. I’m not entirely sure why humanity would think a divine creature could be killed by guns or any other means but as a desperate species, I guess we’ll try anything.

So obviously, she fails.

Pestilence takes her hostage and forces her to come along for his ride of horror and doom. DOOM I SAY. He doesn’t unleash the plague on her but tortures her just the same because, “to live is to suffer” or something along those lines. Plus, he would like a little vengeance since he may not be able to die, but he can feel pain all the same. And she lit him on fire.

As they travel spreading disease and death, Sara forces Pestilence to see that there are some redeeming qualities to humans. Kindness, compassion and LOVE. That’s right, this is a love story. A story of falling in love with one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. That’s why folks, I didn’t think I would enjoy this all that much. It is a weird love story plot. However, the characters were great. There is some obvious Stockholm syndrome issues for a little bit, but the divine bad boy redemption is really what brings it home.

I would label this as probably not for everyone but I for one, enjoyed myself.

I am undecided whether I will continue the series. The second book, War, has an even better rating that the first one. It will probably come down to what my mood is, as usual.

Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling #1) – Book Review

Published Date: September 5, 2006

Publishing Co.: Berkley Sensation

Pages: 334

Goodreads Synopsis.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I read Singh’s first book in her Guild Hunter series years ago and really enjoyed it at the time. Rarely am I in the mood to read romance so when I found this at a used bookshop for $0.50, I thought I’d give the series a try.

There were aspects of this that I really enjoyed. The emotionless race of Psy and the network they linked their conscious to for information was a pretty fascinating premise and I could read about it for hours. I will always remain a sucker for shapeshifters so combining the two races and the hierarchy of the world they live in was another reason I should love this series. I even enjoyed the burgeoning relationship between the two main characters, and many of the side characters as well.

BUT, the gratuitous sex scenes just interrupted the more interesting parts of the story. I wouldn’t have minded that in and of itself but I didn’t particularly like the sex. I think a lot of it had to due with the naivety of the female MC. I guess I like a female that knows what she wants and has no problem demanding it of a man.

Unfortunately, after taking a peak at the summary of the next book, this is one of those series that each book focuses on a new couple and that just isn’t something I dig. Once I get committed to characters, I like to stick with them. If the series continued with the characters we were introduced to in this series, I would at least give the second book a shot, but since it doesn’t, I don’t think I’ll be continuing.

Wicked As She Wants – Book Review

4 out of 5 stars. (Currently $1.99 on the Kindle.)

Okay. I know that you’re judging me based on the cover of this book, and when you read as much as I do, you know that there is actually reason to judge some books on the covers, despite that age old saying. This is one of those cases. The story and characters are SO much more than the Fabio-like guy on the cover.

(Read my review on book one in the series here. Do you have to read them in order to understand everything? No. But my review of the first one describes their world and I don’t feel like repeating myself.)

Casper is a Pinky who’s hit rock bottom. He has nothing left to lose and no direction in life. It’s booze and woman and oblivion on a near daily basis. Until he finds a desiccated Bludwoman princess stuffed in a suit case.

Ahnastasia is a princess. She knows it and acts like it. Before an unknown enemy kidnapped her and shipped her around the globe, she had never left the castle she was born in. Her family, aside from her feral brother, have been killed and an outsider named Ravenna currently rules in her family’s stead. She is a long way from home and needs any help she can get returning to her homeland and killing the enemy who stole her home. But that doesn’t mean she has to like the help. In fact, she would prefer that their heads end up on pikes when they get to her homeland. So it comes as a major discomfort when she finds herself deeply attracted to her escort, Casper.

No one must know she is still alive so that means traveling in disguise and with no money. She is forced to travel by airship. An airship filled with Pinky prostitutes and wealthy perverts, who must not know that she is a Bludwoman. Which is really hard to hide when you have to try not to eat the other people on board.

Ahnastasia was the star player of this story. She’s stubborn, determined, and clever. Her adventures amongst the lower class was wildly entertaining and her evolution as a character was intriguing from beginning to end.

There was one major fail in the plot and that was that there was no reason given as to why Ravenna decided to take over Freesia. Which to me, was a pretty big gap in the story line. Had that been answered it would have been awarded 5 out of 5 stars instead of 4.

Wicked As They Come – Book Review

4 out 5 stars

The problem with UF books is that they are short but powerful enough to really suck you in. Therefore, I can hardly ever manage to properly review one. There is no time for notes my good man! I crash through the book and then think it over for a little while afterwards, then attempt to write a decent review.

*Clears throat*

This was better than I expected. A good friend recommended it to me quite some time ago but I only recently got around to reading it after it went on sale on the Kindle.

Letitia Paisley Everett becomes entangled in two completely different worlds after a “chance” encounter with an antique locket at an estate sale.
In the world she knows, she’s a nurse who takes care of elderly at home patients like her own feisty grandmother. She recently left a controlling and abusive relationship and is working on finding herself again.
In the second world, she’s thrust into the arms of a charming and sexy man named Criminy Stain. He runs a gypsy caravan that travels through the countryside entertaining folks. He’s also a Bludman. Think vampire but without any of inconvenient side effects. Most of the creatures in his world run on blood, even the bunnies constantly nipping at Letitia’s ankles.
There are humans in his world too, Pinkies as it were and they suppress all Bludmen, Bludwomen and Bludchildren. And the leader of the nearest city wants Letitia’s locket to bring a plaque down upon all Bludpeople. His own jolly little genocide.

Jumping from world to world, can Letitia save everyone she loves and an entire race of people at the same time?

Guess you’ll have to read it to find out.