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Maplecroft – Book Review

I have waited quite some time to read this book, so when I found it at a book sale for $2 I was pretty pumped. Now that I’ve finished it, I’d have to say that had I paid full retail price for this novel, I would be pretty disgruntled right now.

Now don’t take that as this is a bad book, it’s not. It’s well written, plot driven, mildy entertaining and chock full of paranormal shenanigans. The format is fun; journal entries, letters and newspaper articles tell the tale. However, I just never really connected with any of the characters. One thing I’ve learned about myself as a reader in the past year or so is that, if I can’t connect with characters, then I’m not connecting to the book no matter how great the plot and world building are. So, if you’re unlike me and care mostly about the plot, well you’ll probably be fine.

Lizzie Borden had to kill her parents. They were slowly turning into these creatures that may or may not try to kill her and her sister or anyone else they come into contact with. There you have the basis of our tale, two sisters trying to understand what and where these creatures come from and how they possess people.

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