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House of Corruption – Book Review

4 out of 5 stars


I can’t give you a proper review on this one because I read it before I started reviewing books. But, it was so damn good that I can’t forget to include it in my horror recommendations. I believe the only thing I wrote review wise at the time was, “Please sir, may I have some more?”

If you’ve been missing horror of the more classic caliber, then this my friends, is for you.

“In 1890s New Orleans, three unusual men cross paths: Reynard LaCroix, his lycanthropy in remission with a silver bullet lodged against his heart; Artémius Savoy, a lapsed secular priest keeping vigil over Reynard’s progress; and Mahonri Grant, a Mormon gunslinger on the run.

Brought together by murder, united in a common cause, they pursue an unholy creature to save a young woman’s life.

Their dangerous road leads to the dark jungles of Borneo, where awaits an abhorrent mansion in the wilderness. There they must confront a host of the undead…and face the demons within themselves.”