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The Poison Man is Coming

Being a homeowner is awesome. But some days, you have to do less awesome things. Tonight, we have the exterminator coming to give us a quote on spraying for wasps.


While it’s money I really don’t want to spend, my husband is deathly allergic. One got into the house last night and was on the curtains a foot above his head. He almost died of panic attack AND bee sting.


Besides that though, I’m hoping to get a lot done around the house and TO the house this three day weekend coming. Along with a potential trip to the bookstore. *SQUEELS*

What are your Memorial Day weekend plans?


Slice O’ Pie

Now that title might be a little misleading since I regularly post baking recipes but it is in fact in reference to America’s birthday. I recently bought my own slice of the American pie, and despite recent whining about annoying events, I couldn’t be happier. Every single night I can expect hundreds of lightening bugs to dance across my yard and into the cemetery field beyond, and to be dive bombed by very large bats. (I love bats.) I can race my dogs across said field and be left promptly in Samus’ dust, Ozzy and I huffing and puffing and staring at her in disbelief. (That dog is fucking fast!) We’ve had a fire and roasted corn on the cob followed by s’mores while watching fireworks bloom over the cemetery. I sit on our patio and read or drink coffee and just relax with the animals. There hasn’t been time to explore much of the new town yet (other than an amazing ice cream parlor) but that’s okay, because I like just sitting and enjoying my little quarter of an acre of America.

So Happy Birthday America! Your politics might be fucked but I’ll just tend to my little slice of the pie right now and worry about all that later. Today is a day for peaceful existing.

Fire with a proper cemetery view.
I don’t want corn any other way now.
Perfect day.

Queen of the Wyld

Ahoy there pilgrims! Sorry for the absence. We moved into our new house this weekend and that was a metric butt-load of work. Of course Comcast, because they’re Comcast, also screwed up our set up date so  we were without internet for 3 days. The upside to that was at the end of every rigorous day, there was plenty of time to read before I passed out drooling onto my pillow. I’m making headway on my current read and awesome giveaway from Goodreads, Kings of the Wyld.

I am quite ready to be done with the stress and enjoy the summer but of course, our old place would really like to screw us as much as possible before we leave so that means another week of high stress, racing to clean it out and turn in the keys and pretty much hope that we don’t get screwed too hard without lube. I am so utterly relieved to never rent again.

I can’t get enough of the new place and precious little moments like having coffee with my cat at the dining table.


Off to catch up on all your lovely blogs! ❤

High on Paint Fumes

The entire weekend was spent at our new house painting a few rooms. One thing I can’t stand is white walls in every single part of the house. This is a home not an insane asylum. We’ve had the house for less than a week and already had to break into it. Apparently, unknown to us, one set of keys doesn’t work and one does. We left the good set inside the house since we were coming back the next day to continue painting. Upon discovery, much frustration ensued. We ended up cutting out a screen and being able to open the window to the bathroom, so my husband shoveled me through the small window and the day was saved. Adventures in home ownership have begun.

The dogs took to the new place pretty well. We’ve been worried about the younger one, Samus, because she’s only ever lived in once place. Turns out, she took to it faster than our older dog who has moved with us one million times over the years. Maybe he’s just overwhelmed to have his very own yard finally.

Here they are exploring the new place before we started painting:

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