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Vox – Book Review


Published Date: August 21, 2018

Publishing Co.: Berkley

Pages: 336

Goodreads Synopsis.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Whenever there is a novel about the subjugation of women, it almost always immediately draws comparisons to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Once you actually read it however, the only commonality is the subjugation of women. Vox begins as an almost complete rip off of Atwood’s tale. Replace the same concepts with different names, slight variations here and there but add a wrist device that counts women’s words, subtract the handmaids andsplash on a massive helping of current society references and you have the major workings of Vox. If you’ve never read or watched The Handmaid’s Tale, you’ll probably be able to read it without much fuss.

I had a hard time finding much respect for the main character, Jean Mc-whatever, I’ve already forgotten. This is largely due to her cheating on her husband and this is probably a personal point of view preventing me from connecting. If you don’t love someone anymore, woman up and break it off. Cheating is weak. Now, you might be thinking, “But she has to depend on a man in this new society!” Sure, that’s true but she’s basically just runs from one man to another for protection anyway.

This was very closely going to be a one star read but the ending did drag me and keep me interested in how the story falls out. It was cleaned up fairly neatly but when I sit back and think about it, I wouldn’t really care whether the story had a good or bad ending for the characters. There are some important messages to society in this so it gets points for that but I was largely unimpressed.

Books I’m Thankful For

Well isn’t that a hard list to whittle down?! I’m jumping on the thankful for books bandwagon because really, can you thank books enough? I think not.


I have accepted the fact that the only way I’m going to know how this story ends is via the tv show. I still have to thank GRRM though for getting me into epic fantasy. This one series has lead me to so many wonderful books that it would be supremely rude to ignore it just because I’m bitter that the next book still isn’t out.


This isn’t the first Chuck Palahniuk book I read, but it is my favorite. The wonderful world of Palahniuk can’t be described, it can only be experienced.


The first book in the series is not my favorite BUT this series is my absolute favorite Urban Fantasy world. This was also my introduction to the Ilona Andrews world and that is not something this girl regrets.


From the start to finish, this is an excellent trilogy. It was also my introduction to Brandon Sanderson and he’s now on my Must Read Everything By This Author list.


I am thankful for this book for it’s ability to be both wonderful fantasy and light, fluffy fun. The fact that it hardcore reminds me of World of Warcraft helps too.

Well that’s my list book fiends! What books are you most thankful for??

Clovenhoof – Book Review

3 out of 5 stars

Satan has been fired from his position as overlord of Hell. A board was put together and it was deemed that he had been slacking. Cast out onto Earth, Satan, also known as Jeremy Clovenhoof, is forced to live the life of a human. With “help” from his slutty neighbor upstairs and the lonely nerd neighbor across the hall, he does his best to be human.

As one could imagine, funny shenanigans ensue. There wasn’t much resembling a plot until the last 15% of the book where it was all thrown in and then neatly wrapped up with a little red bow.

I was entertained three-quarters of the way through. The last quarter I was just ready to move onto something else. It’s a fun little read but nothing that I’m going to demand that you rush out and buy this second.


Vicious – Book Review

5 out of 5 stars

“He withdrew the paper and unfolded it gingerly. It was a stick-figure drawing. Two people holding hands. A thin man in black and a girl, half his height with short hair, and wide eyes. The stick-girl’s head was cocked slightly, and a small red spot marked her arm. Three similar spots, no bigger than periods, dotted the stick-man’s chest. The stick-man’s mouth was nothing more than a faint grim line.
Beneath the drawing ran a single sentence: I made a friend.”

This story is basically about two best friends who become arch nemesis’. Each having their own extra other worldly power. Each thinking differently about people with extraordinary powers. Each betraying the other and spending the next ten years plotting revenge or massacring other people with powers. Each seeking to end the other.

Damn was this a fun ride! The first half of the book I was really worried about myself. I mean, I was siding with a sociopath. Turns out both of the main characters are sociopaths. So I started feeling a little better about things, but then I thought it through some more. I was still siding with a sociopath one way or the other. Then the guilt of that went away and I was firmly rooted in the camp of one, Victor Vale.


I know I really condensed my feelings and summary down on this one but don’t let that deter you. I merely wish to not ruin a single thing for you.

Because this book leaves you feeling a little something like this:


The Girl With All the Gifts – Book Review

I’ve read a lot of zombie apocalypse novels. A lot. There have been so many variations and so many different origin stories. Some good, some horribly, horribly bad. Then there are the ones that don’t really offer anything new, and poor characterization. These are the most disappointing of the bunch. There are so many things you can do with a zombie apocalypse that it blows my mind when an author manages to make you sleepy at the end of the world.

This novel has a small, boring bump around the 100 page mark but other than that, it was an original zombie apocalypse tale. Persevere, it’s worth it.


That’s me at the very end of the novel.

There’s a strange little girl, a creepy military dude, an angst ridden teacher and a doctor that is dying to slice open the little girl’s brain. What more of a description do you really need from me?

I swear that I’m not being lazy by not giving you any hints of the plot line. Some things are just better savored for oneself.

Now that being said, I wasn’t blown away in awe like a lot of other people either. I didn’t cry at any part, as much as some people swear that it’s so human it will make you cry.
Maybe my heart is just dead, but I still love puppies so I doubt it.

Emperor of Thorns – Book Review

The last novel in the Broken Empire Trilogy.

“It turns out I don’t listen to good advice even when I’m the one giving it.”


If I could have had one thousand guesses at how this series ended when I began it, I still would have been wrong.

I have taken a full 24 hours to absorb that ending and I still don’t even…

In a good way of course, because I loved this whole series.

I would love to break this down into bite sized samples for you but as usual, with this series in particular, I feel that I would be stealing away the magic from you. The world building is sublime and the plot twists and turns keep things interesting. You can never really guess what Jorg is going to do.

Which brings me to the fact that Jorg may be one of my favorite anti-heroes ever. I reveled in his ruthlessness and enjoyed all the violence. I am going to miss the cantankerous, pope-killing little bastard.

“I muttered the names to myself. I would hunt them down in hell.”

There’s a thing.

Good bye Jorg of Ancrath. Burner of worlds, part-time wielder of necromancy, child killer, killer, clever-little-fuck, emperor of twisted hearts everywhere. You bathed the paths of adventure in blood and guts, fire and ice, death and life.

You really knew how to throw a goddamn party.

Magic Library

ALL libraries are magical. Mine is just more magical than most.

First, there is the Shire in the parking lot the moment you pull in. They had an event where kids came and helped create it.


Second, they have children, teen and adult programs for every season. The programs could be anything. For example, every two years in the fall, they do cemetery tours around our town. A local historian guides the tour and the cemeteries date back to the 1700’s. Another example, there was a class on how to make steampunk jewelry.

Third, they have a used book shop within the library. Books range from $0.25 to $1.00. All proceeds go to the library.

Fourth, they have a paperback book swap within the library as well. Take a book, leave a book.

Fifth, every summer they have reading programs that kick off with an ice cream social. When you turn in your first list of 6 books read you receive; a coupon for a free book in the used book shop, a free book from the basket on the information desk and a $5 coupon to a local business. (I always choose the one for the local, independent coffee shop.) When you turn in your second list of 6 books, you’re entered into a raffle for a prize basket that changes every year. Every list of 6 after that, gives you another entry into the raffle. (The raffle is tomorrow so I wait with bated breath.)

Sixth, the second Saturday of every month, they have a “Bagged Book Sale.” For $5 you can fill a bag (any size)  with books, every bag after the first one is free!

Seventh, there are rain gardens outside of the library and nature trails into the woods behind it.

Eighth, Tuesday nights, the Farmer’s Market is in the parking lot. Homemade jams, breads and locally grown veggies and fruits.

There is literally no reason not to like this library. So, when I move out of town next year, this will be the thing that I will miss the most. IF I don’t decide to pay for a membership, which is $135 a year. I will check out my new town’s library but I doubt that it will compare. How could it?



Vengeance Road – Book Review


4.5 stars

When your husband bets you that you can’t finish a book in one sitting, you show the bastard what for! (Also, you take said bet and bet something sweet. Unlike this girl, who laughed about it and didn’t take it as a serious bet.)

“I push the shot glass at him, and he don’t seem too pleased ’bout that. But I got some coin and a vengeance strong enough to cut any throat that tries to cross me right now.”

Meet Kate. She’s eighteen and some bandits murdered her father recently. This is the Wild West and it’s unlikely that the culprits will be brought to justice by the law. She has no other family and the bandits burned down her house to boot. The only road left to her is Vengeance Road. (Ha, see what I did there?)

“I can fire a rifle as good as any man. ‘Parently I can kill another just as dead too. I don’t see why I should act like I can’t just ‘cus it ruffles everyone else’s feathers.”

A girl after my own heart.

Why did I like it so much? I love westerns. It was a western with a kick ass heroine and a team of likable allies along the way. There was action, adventure, death and redemption. It was even written in a western drawl, which at first was weird but once I was adjusted to it, it made it all more authentic. My love of historical fiction helped too.

The one complaint I had was this; lack of horse description. The color of the horses is just as important as the landscape in a western. At least it is in my opinion. I could just be weird.

Full Moon and Then Some

Anonymity on this blog has been so GODDAMN liberating. I haven’t even made it to 10 posts yet and the unrelenting truth is so addicting! I can hardly keep my mouth shut in every day life anymore. My first reaction is to just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Luckily, my filter is still somewhat intact….for now. I could easily end up jobless within the next couple of months. Well….as long as I wait until the customer is out of the store I will probably be okay. My boss is quite the cynical bastard as well.

Tourettes could possibly be one of the greatest syndromes ever. I’m sure people with Tourettes probably disagree but let me have my fantasy here people.

Imagining the look on someone’s face when you just suddenly yell “Douche nugget!” or “Fart knocking mother fucker!” would be absolutely priceless.

Let’s take this one step further. Let’s imagine running naked through the streets and stopping in an intersection only to bend over, spread your cheeks, and fart. All while humming the Jurassic Park theme tune.

That is how exhilarated this blog makes me feel.