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I don’t argue politics. Especially when I don’t have all the facts. (Why make yourself look like an idiot?) Apparently this is a evaporating (and quickly) characteristic no longer acceptable in today’s society.

You must choose one side or the other. There is no such thing as fence sitting.

But why would I want to choose a “side” when both genuinely make themselves look like idiots on a regular basis? WHY SIDE WITH IDIOTS AND HYPOCRITES?!

I’m not going to claim things should be a certain way when I don’t have all the facts and someone could easily call bullshit on me. Thanks to social media, I frequently see this happening. Facebook status’ slamming the very thing people do in their private lives.

For instance, all these little meme’s that say a person should stand alone and not depend on the government, all the while they’re living on STATE AID!

One example in thousands. Seriously, pay attention. How many hypocrites/idiots are on your friend’s list?

I bet that now that I’ve pointed it out, it will bug the shit out of you. I bet you start considering clicking that “unfriend” button in less than a week.