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Etiquette & Espionage – Book Review

(Please note that this is an off-shoot of another series. One that I have yet to read, but I recently picked up book 2 in the series and remembered that I needed to post my review of the first book since it was so much fun.)

4 out of 5 stars

Whot. Whot.


This was my very first steam punk novel and I quite enjoyed myself. I was looking for something fun and feisty and this certainly delivered.

The MC, Sophronia, is a character near and dear to my heart. A troublesome girl who is very unladylike much to the distress of her mother. (My dinosaurs ate my barbies and my knees were covered in bruises and scrapes.) What is a mother to do with such a tiresome lass? Well in this case it’s to send her to a finishing school to learn how to become a proper lady. (In my case, I was fully encouraged to continue in my ways because well, its no longer Victorian times.)

Much to Sophronia’s delight, the finishing school that has selected her not only teaches courses in etiquette but in all manners of espionage. (Hence the title if you haven’t caught on yet.) The school itself is a large ship that sails about the mists of the moor for there are enemies who would steal her secrets. One of which is a revolution in communication devices that has turned up missing. There is one suspect and Sophronia is determined to find where she hide it because one, the girl is a royal pain in the arse and two, it’s the right thing to do. Plus, it makes wonderful practice to employ the new tactics she has learned.

The entire cast of characters are fun. Everyone is so different yet so entertaining. I loved the lingo.

Whot. Whot.