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Goodbye Summer – Recipes

I have the day off of work to go and see the one and only, Ozzy Osbourne in concert tonight. So I’m sitting on my wonderful patio having coffee with the dogs, which I’ve been able to do so little this summer due to the awful mugginess that plagued us most of the season, thinking that I am ready to say goodbye to summer. Autumn is my season (and it’s right around the corner!) and I’m ready to indulge it for everything it’s worth.

I haven’t done a lot of baking this year but there was a light lunch date with family in which I was asked to make some things to bring. What should I end the season with? Blueberries!


Blueberry Cheesecake dip recipe here.


World’s best muffin/cupcake carrier.

Blueberry Banana muffin recipe here.

Both recipes really added to our little lunch date. Laid out alongside cookies, a fruit platter and cheese, meat, cracker platters, they were a perfect addition.

How are you saying goodbye to summer?

Funfetti Cheesecake Dip

Aaaaaaaaand, the first recipe of 2018 finally happened. When Ignited Moth came to visit this past weekend, we celebrated both Christmas and her birthday since it had been that long since we’d seen each other. She has a weakness for birthday cake flavored things, and I wasn’t quite feeling like going balls-to-the-wall baking things so cheesecake dip usually does the trick. We both agreed to leave the sprinkles off and the result was pretty great.


Recipe here.