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Covid Testing Hijinx

Unfortunately, we recently started doing Covid testing at my work in the last month. Why unfortunately? Because that means I have direct contact with positive people and my work doesn’t even offer health insurance. So I am bitter as fuck. Also, it makes me even MORE aware of just how stupid the general public is. As an example, some short encounters for your pleasure.

Testing 1:

Coworker: “Have you ever done this test before?”

Patient: “No.”

Proceeds to stick swab all the way down their throat before he can respond.

It’s a nasal swab.

Testing 2:

Results for patient come back inconclusive because there was nothing on the swab.

Patient: “Oh, I used the other side of the stick without the swab. I thought that was weird.”

Story from another area pharmacy:

Patient takes test tube out of technician’s hand, licks the tube, and hands it back.

This virus is never going to end.