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The Invention of Sound – Book Review

Published Date: September 8, 2020

Publishing Co.: Grand Central Publishing

Pages: 240

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

“Haunting her was the idea that we each summon our own death.”

Do not pick up a Palahniuk book unless you are ready to get dddaaaaaarrrrkkkk.

That’s honestly what I love and what I count on when it comes to Chuck Palahniuk. He reaches into every taboo zone and drags you along with him. If he has to step into the dark to write it, you are going to have to walk through the dark to read it. We’re going places you never thought an author would go.

For example, we start this adventure with one of the main characters picking a Xanax out of the damp pubes of her lover after sex. This is how I knew I was back in Palahniuk territory. His characters are always massively flawed and that’s part of what makes them so interesting to read about.

Mitzi works for the Hollywood sound industry. She sells screams for movies and TV. She is on a quest to make the best scream ever recorded and she would do anything, even kill to get it.

Foster’s daughter disappeared during a game of hide and seek. Walked off with a stranger never to be seen again. Now he scours the dark web, seeking out child molesters and murders, trying to find out exactly what happened to his daughter. He assumes she’s dead, it’s seventeen years later after all, but his lust for revenge hasn’t died.

Both will bring Hollywood to it’s knees in their quests.

Palahniuk’s best book in years.

I Am Cupcakes Wild Glee

I made a goal for myself this year. Meet more authors, because reading is like breathing for me and I could care less about meeting some random celebrity. Authors are my celebrities, the real heroes, humans worthy of a little bit of worship. And this author, I’ve been waiting 13 to 14 years to meet him. He scolded me for using ‘the f-bomb’ (pot calling the kettle black) and put me in a choke hold. Not to mention signed three books and took a picture with me. He was genuinely a nice guy and a lot of fun. If a human could be your spirit animal, he would be mine. He’s my spirit author. I’m making that a thing.

I mean, did your favorite author sign books barefoot and then put you in a headlock?


Not only did he sign multiple things for everyone, he wrote cute little notes in each. Now that is an awesome guy.


If you haven’t missed the Fight Club 2 book tour yet, you need to get your asses out there and show Chuck some love.