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Book Fundraisers

Life pretty much consists of work, eat, sleep lately so not a whole hell of a lot of reading is getting done. Be that as it may, the love of books never rests. As such, I thought I’d share a super cute fundraiser that I learned about from one of the book club girls.

Crafty Cat Rescue in Ann Arbor, Michigan is throwing their first ever Book Lover’s Day event, called Books, Crafts, and Cats! The event includes; a silent auction with signed copies of books by the authors, different crafts every hour, costume contest, a huge book sale and discounted adoptions.

It sounds like an amazing event and it helps cats. As you know, cats and books just go together.

To help out, said book club girl was collecting book donations for the sale portion of the event. Of course, the rest of us had to help.

My donation:



Queen of the Wyld

Ahoy there pilgrims! Sorry for the absence. We moved into our new house this weekend and that was a metric butt-load of work. Of course Comcast, because they’re Comcast, also screwed up our set up date so  we were without internet for 3 days. The upside to that was at the end of every rigorous day, there was plenty of time to read before I passed out drooling onto my pillow. I’m making headway on my current read and awesome giveaway from Goodreads, Kings of the Wyld.

I am quite ready to be done with the stress and enjoy the summer but of course, our old place would really like to screw us as much as possible before we leave so that means another week of high stress, racing to clean it out and turn in the keys and pretty much hope that we don’t get screwed too hard without lube. I am so utterly relieved to never rent again.

I can’t get enough of the new place and precious little moments like having coffee with my cat at the dining table.


Off to catch up on all your lovely blogs! ❤

Adulting 102

I wish I could say that the weekends are for relaxing, but they really aren’t anymore. If there isn’t house hunting happening, then I’m packing stuff up and trashing anything not worthy of moving. Add to that, that I’ll be going back to overtime every other week and shit is only going to get more hectic. It’s really not a bad thing since we had a cold, rainy winter and cabin fever has struck me hard in the last few weeks. So this isn’t whining, just stress relief.

I’m thinking of revamping the blog here soon. Problem is that I’m not all that savvy with customizing themes/layouts/widgets. If the appearance of this blog is random and makes zero sense, it’s just me learning my way about. Hopefully the final product will be legit.

My husband is finally going to contribute to his own section of the blog. But I’ll leave that final announcement for when he finally completes his first post. If you think I’m an awesome procrastinator, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. He takes it to the next level. Let’s just say, we’ve been talking about him doing this since I re-opened this blog about 8+ months ago.

Does not matter what is happening in life, these guys have no problem relaxing at a moments notice.


Hybrid Blog

Hybrid: of mixed character; composed of mixed parts.

If you haven’t noticed yet, this blog bounces from topic to topic. As a person, I just cannot commit myself to any one thing. There is just too much in the universe that I enjoy. Books are at the top of that list and I could talk about them frequently, however why not talk about all the other things I enjoy too. No single person out there is all about just one thing. There is a whole grand world out there! So if you stay following this blog, we’ll explore it together.


And now you have evidence that I like cheesy fucking jokes.

Now, this is not to trash a single person who blogs about one topic. I follow those sexy blogs too. I just feel like some people follow this blog because they expect me to just post awesome baking recipes or pet pics or gardening or book reviews. I will give you all of those things.

Just don’t expect one topic. It’s just not in me. As it is, I’m not even remotely human until I’ve had my coffee. Not a single blog post happens until I’ve finished that first cup.




Low Cost Vet Clinics

They say that you shouldn’t have a pet if you can’t afford one. Something I hear from people who work in vet clinics often. While I tend to agree with the message, do people forget that people fall on hard times? Do they also ignore the fact that, veterinary medicine can be extremely expensive? Now I don’t want to talk shit about vets, I really don’t, but I also call bullshit when I see it.

Both of my dogs came to me sick. I nursed them both back to health. My dogs are approximately 6 years apart. Ozzy, my oldest, has lived in several locations across the state and had many vets over the years and let me tell you, depending where you live determines how helpful and affordable vet clinics are.

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It’s so cute how in my last blog post I was all, “I know, I know! I’ve been so vacant on here.” Now it’s been four years since I’ve posted, but I’ve come back to you my sweet, sweet WordPress! This resurrection feels so…so, resurrectiony? Erectiony?

Alas, how is it that I still have 13 followers? Laziness. That’s my guess. I’ve been incredibly lazy so it’s not like I have any room to judge.

So like a phoenix from the flame, I rise again to bitch and rant and rage. But also, to do book reviews. Because my god, dear followers do I enjoy reviewing books. Not nearly as much as reading them of course, but a girl has to have a few hobbies. There will probably be lots of pictures of my dogs as well. Maybe my cat when she isn’t being a fuckhead.

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Buckets of Bullshit

Sometimes a girl just needs to rant. Diaries/journals are found and read by strangers frequently. Sometimes you can’t post the things you would REALLY like to post on social media because you never know who it will piss off and then consequently they will run off and tell on you to family and friends. Suddenly, you’re the biggest asshole that ever walked the planet. Well fuck that I say!

My solution. Anonymity. All names will be changed, places made up…..hell some might question whether there is any truth to anything said here at all…


Believe no one. Question everything.

Only two people in my life will know this blog even exists. The two people I trust that will never tell. Never rat me out.

Oh, and my dog. My dog knows everything. Even when I fart and blame it on the cat.