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Providence of Fire – Book Review

Book Two of the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne.

5 out of 5 ‘Kent-kissing stars!

The Malkeenian empire has been usurped. Murder attempts have been made on two of the three children of the slain Emperor, both have failed. Now all three follow separate paths in their quest for vengeance and to save their homeland, Annur.

Adare must win over a religious sect, even though she recently killed their favored priest and blamed him for her father’s murder. They are the only ones with an army large enough to take on her ex-lover and general of the Annurian army.

Valyn saves his brother Kaden from the massacre of his monastery in the mountains. Their paths converge for a short time but they must separate once again to complete different tasks to the save the empire. Valyn and his wing of Kettral warriors are pursued by corrupted comrades and become stranded in barbarian tribe territory.

Kaden seeks an ancient monk sect to help him take back his throne. These monks are not what the legends tell of and easily become enemies instead of allies. With only the help of two friends, Kaden must skip through magical portals across the empire in his quest to bring allies to his side before he will have the power to challenge the usurper.

It has been three years since I read the first book in the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne (The Emperor’s Blades), and I had no problem falling back into that world. I loved the second book every bit as much of the first. Why did it take me so long to pick up the sequel? I have series ADD and skip from one to the next before getting back and completing a series. I won’t make that mistake with the third book. It will be mine by Christmas at the latest.

Of the three main characters, I really only care for Valyn and Kaden. Adare seems to be a bit of a sheep currently and those are characters I always have a hard time sympathizing with. Nira, whom you will meet in this book, is probably my favorite character overall. I aspire to swear as much as she does when I’m old.