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Book Haul/Bookstagram

A two-for-one deal on this fine Memorial Day. A very special thanks to the ladies and gentleman of the military of whom without their sacrifices, I may be running for my life instead of drooling over the books I picked up this weekend. No amount of national holidays will be enough to thank you.

Every time I get a Barnes and Noble gift card I hold onto it for awhile. I know they tend to get wiped out of good stock after the holidays so I wait. Well this time I received a gift card for my birthday (mid-April), and here it is a month and a half later and I finally decided to spend that bad boy. Of course, not really thinking it through I went on a holiday weekend when they were having pretty good sales and once again, anything I really wanted was gone. #firstworldproblems

I’m pretty excited about the fat book on the bottom. The one of top was kind of a, they-dont-have-anything-else-I-really-want buy. I’ve heard good things and it sounds like it might be fun but my expectations are not very high.


Onto Bookstagram posts from the last couple of weeks:

More dollar store book finds.
Sick again. Brain fogged. Time to stare at some fiesty ladies.
My husband had a comfy reading spot set up for me when I got home. Samus is helping keep my feet warm.
Making mac n’ cheese, reading a zombie book.

Bookstagram – Week 19

A wee bit unrelated but I spent the other day doing something to the blog that I should have done years ago. Creating tabs at the top of the pages to easily navigate different subjects on the blog. It looks so much better. Procrastination, I am Queen of it. (It also made me realize that there are several subjects I have been neglecting. I’ll work on fixing that…..eventually.)

I’ve only been averaging about a book a week but I’m okay with that considering just how busy life has been lately. You can follow me on Instagram here.

“I’ve been reading a lot of ebooks lately. It feels really good to hold a physical book once again.”
“I can get through any day at work with coffee and books.”
“This beaut was waiting on my doorsteps when I got home.”

Bookstagram – Week 15

I’ve been slacking on updating this one. But then again, I’ve been reading slower as well. My bookstagram is not one with flowery photos of books. While those are fun and pretty to look at, I know as a reader that while I’m reading flowers are not spread next to the book with the perfect cup of tea and a pretty back drop. Not knocking the people who take the time to set that up though, I enjoy those photos as well. Just don’t expect that kind of effort from me. I’m lazy folks.

“March is Women’s History month. I’m reading only female authors in celebration.”
“Not sure it’s a ‘fair fight’ trying to continue this book..”
“An author I can always turn to to distract me from life when it kicks me in the vagina.”
“To get better; one part lots of sleep + 2 parts start new book.”
“Dinner in the crockpot, book in the lap. “
“This book is kind of just annoying me. There better be a damn good twist.”

Bookstagram – Week ?

I didn’t actually forget about posting my bookstagram photos on here. I just spent some time reading several books off of my Kindle and let’s face it, pictures of your ebook device are just not as fun OR pretty. Therefore the past couple of weeks have been photos of my dogs and cat for the most part. But they’re freaking adorable so feel free to go check them out as well.

“Ain’t no shame in my Friday night game.”
“Library treasures. Book club and a buddy read.”
“Well, I’m over the cold. Not sure how I feel about this book so far so time to dive in and find out.”

My final opinion on Truthwitch here.

Bookstagram – Week 1

I know not everyone uses Instagram so I decided to attempt (I say attempt because I’m easily distracted) to do a weekly review of my awesome book related posts here on my blog. But if you DO have Instagram, you can follow me here.

“Buried in blankets and comics trying to forget that it’s 14 degrees outside.”
“Time to get this epic fantasy party started.”
“First book haul of 2018!”