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Bookshelf Refresh 2019

I would love to say that I organize my favorite bookshelf more than once a year, but then I’d be a filthy, rotten liar. My dad actually built me this shelf for my birthday several years ago. It’s oak and the fact he made it, makes me love it a thousand times more. This is where I keep the books deem my favorites that I require to be in my personal library. However, as the years go by, favorites change and thus room has to be made for the new favorites that get stacked in front until I feel the need to rearrange hit me.

I hope to build my very own bookshelf this year when it gets warm again. If I can make a satisfactory bookshelf with my own hands. watch out world! I’ll be making some for every room in my house and every book worm I know!


How often do you rearrange your shelves? What’s the method to your madness?




I always guesstimate when chatting with people how many books in my house and ebooks on my Kindle I have waiting to be read. This morning, curiosity finally trapped the goddamn feral cat and I counted.

71 physical books

18 ebooks

It’s safe to say that when talking to people, I was low-balling my guess.

Who do I have to blame for this? Everyone. The used book shops that sell books dirt cheap, book fundraisers I find on the side of the road and of course, people usually get me books for holidays.

It’s a fan-fucking-tastic problem to have. Especially since, recently, my husband informed me that our bedroom smells like books. Mission accomplished, now onto the rest of the house.