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Roger the World’s Greatest Therapy Dog -Book Review


Author: Jules Julius

Published Date: March 26, 2014

Publishing Co.: Self-published

Pages: 56

Synopsis link to Goodreads.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

This will be a short review, full of constructive criticisms.

First, the grammar and punctuation needs a hard edit. Quotations were backwards every single time. Sometimes there were periods in the middle of sentences. “Said,” was capitalized every time and used far too much.

Second, I question the age group for which this is written. I can’t really tell who it’s directed at but, I found some of the content questionable. Like Roger bragging how he has no trouble with the ladies and hitting on a female labrador in heels and lipstick, only to be slapped in response because his come on was well, basic.

Third, it could really use more of a focus on the therapy aspect of the story. I think it would be great to teach kids about the world of therapy and therapy dogs and what they actually accomplish.

There is a lot of possibility with this story with some more work and some fine tuning.