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Book Fundraisers

Life pretty much consists of work, eat, sleep lately so not a whole hell of a lot of reading is getting done. Be that as it may, the love of books never rests. As such, I thought I’d share a super cute fundraiser that I learned about from one of the book club girls.

Crafty Cat Rescue in Ann Arbor, Michigan is throwing their first ever Book Lover’s Day event, called Books, Crafts, and Cats! The event includes; a silent auction with signed copies of books by the authors, different crafts every hour, costume contest, a huge book sale and discounted adoptions.

It sounds like an amazing event and it helps cats. As you know, cats and books just go together.

To help out, said book club girl was collecting book donations for the sale portion of the event. Of course, the rest of us had to help.

My donation: