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Angelfall – Book Review

5 out of 5 stars

I went into this book not expecting much based on the summary and was sucker punched in the solar plexus.

Surprised at how damn good it was to say the least.

Not only is this teenage girl, Penryn, trying to survive an apocalypse but she’s doing so while taking care of her paralyzed sister and psychotic mother.


As if she doesn’t have enough on her plate (sometimes only cat food) she comes across battling angels. Oh, and angels are apparently the cause of the apocalypse, but we don’t learn how or why in this book. Anyway, back to the facts. She comes across battling angels and feels that the one losing is at an unfair advantage, you know because the other guys cut off his wings obviously and it’s three against one after all. Penryn tosses him his sword that fell away sometime during said battle. He promptly kicks two out of three asses and Penryn is rewarded for her help by the third angel stealing off with her little sister.
Though stunned by the turn in events, she formulates a plan. Kidnap the unconscious, wingless angel because he must know where the angels take children. This is where the bloody good ruthlessness kicks in. Penryn holds his severed wings hostage to get him to help her.

It works.

Henceforth, they roam together across a ravaged land, dodging angels and the street gangs who sell angel parts in a weird kind of black market. This book was surprisingly fucking brutal. I mean, I was impressed. I had the mind frame to write down examples but I was so sucked into this book that I just couldn’t pause long enough, except for those stupid life things that get in the way, like sleeping, eating and work. (Really tired of your crap sleep cycle. Stop interrupting books.)

This is a post apocalyptic world, why sugar coat it? But so many authors do and that is why I appreciate this book so much.