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Coffee & A Chat – Writing

Morning chaps! I was sitting, sipping my coffee and thought, I should have a discussion with my blog peeps. (The kids still say ‘peeps’ right?) I’ve been slow in my reading, having left the book I’m currently working on at work over the past weekend, so I felt the desire to be chatty.

Many moons ago, I attempted to write a book, a YA post apocalyptic novel. I made it decently far in the process, but my grandfather (my inspiration to try to write) passed away and with the depression that followed, I stopped. I didn’t feel the urge to try again until the last couple of months. It’s no longer the same book, but I’m trying again.

I’m struggling more than I was the first time, but I’m being much more critical of myself this go around. I recently instated a new house rule, Wednesday nights and Saturdays I must work on the book for one hour minimum. If I keep going past that, excellent, but I was having a hard time finding the time to write. Inspiration isn’t so hard, especially after Ignited Moth and I have a writing meeting. (Yeah, we’ve formed our own cool little writers group.)

So my question is this, what writing tips (or encouraging tips in general) do you have to help someone along in the process? What have you struggled with yourself?

How to Have a Successful Book Club


Who are YOU to tell me how to have successful book club Cupcakes? 

Listen bitch, my book club has had this shit on lock down for 5 years now. It may even be 6 years, I’m losing track. A long ass time nonetheless! We’ve seen other book clubs come and go but we remain strong. /flex

1. Probably the most important suggestion, form a club with people you know and LIKE. It’s not enough to join a club with other people based on the fact that you all enjoy books. Personality clashes happen. Our club met because we all volunteered at the same animal sanctuary together and one of the girls said, “Hey anyone interested in starting a book club?” To which we all replied, HELL YES.

2. Meet monthly. A lot people respond to this with bulging eyes. “EVERY month?!” they cry. I’ve talked to people who their clubs only meet every 6 months. First of all, I feel like the love of books isn’t really there if you can only get to one book in 6 months time and then people still miss the meeting.

3. Rotate who picks the books. Each month someone different hosts book club. Meaning that they select 4 books and email them out for voting. They then determine what day/time works best for everyone and choose somewhere to meet for dinner, drinks or a potluck at their house.

4. Relax and enjoy. If someone can’t make it, no biggie. If someone didn’t get a chance to read the book, no biggie. When you start making strict rules, people bail. No one likes being treated as a pariah just because something came up and they can’t contribute like they usually do.

Our book club is light and fun. We all love reading and encourage each other to go outside our comfort zones and try books in different genres on a variety of topics. We meet once monthly and essentially just have a night out with the girls in which we talk about the book for 5-15 minutes. (Length of discussion always depends on the book and how many people read it.) I think it’s that easy going nature that has kept us 5 years strong. There is no evidence of us slowing down anytime soon.


Advice, I need it.

A goodreads friend that I hardly know asked me to read their book. I agreed because I actually thought it was a non-fiction adult book but turns out it’s a children’s book. I use that description loosely. I read it yesterday and it’s the most awful thing. Part of me wonders if I’m being trolled and the other wonders if this person legitimately thinks they did a good job.

My question to you is; Should I review honestly or one-star it and walk away?


One Lovely Blog – 100 Followers

In celebration of hitting 100 lovely followers, I finally filled out my facts from winning the One Lovely Blog Award a few months ago from The Shameful Narcissist and Ignited Moth. (Thanks ladies!)

The Official Rules of the Award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

2. List the rules and display the award.

3. Nominate 6-10 bloggers to receive this award.

4. State 7 facts about yourself.

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Oh Sweet Heavens

Dear Beautiful and Clever Cupcakesandmachetes,

Oh where did you go my dear love? Your silence is bringing me such woe! How could you leave me high and dry like this? I’ve loved you ever since the first day I read your blog about raining menstrual blood. Need I say more?!

I crave your insightful posts as I crave fatty fatty cake!

Love always,

Your biggest fan ever.


There are a million ways to make yourself feel like your opinions matter. This here is the best example ever. Write your own fanmail. No trolls.


But seriously, I should be receiving messages like this on a daily basis due to my incredible amounts of awesome.