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2018 in Review Thus Far

Whoa! How did that happen? It’s already half way through 2018. I thought it a good point to stop and assess how the year has gone thus far in the reading department.

My bookish resolutions for the year were to knock down two lists; continuing series I’ve already started and reading more stand alone novels.

Stand alones: 3%

Series to Continue: 20%

Clearly, there is work to be done there.

On my Goodreads yearly challenge I’m at 34/70. (48%)

For June, I have a few ARCs to finish before I attack those lists once again. I was approved by Tor/Forge for two ARCs and want to get in good with them since they’re one of my favorite publishers. Plus, I had another Goodreads friend as that I read their book and I picked it up a couple of months ago so I might as well try it while I’m in extreme review mode.


American Hippo – Book Review (complete)

City of Lies

The Book of Unwinding  (I received an ARC of the first book, my review here.)

Goodreads friend’s book: A Darker Shade of Sorcery

That’s a whole month of reading nothing but ebooks. I’ll probably go crazy on physical books once July rolls around.

Check these pretty covers though:


2018 Bookish Resolutions

Happy New Year folks! Bookish resolutions are almost always the only resolutions I follow through on. I don’t think I ever posted about it but my goal in 2017 was to continue with series I had started and then not continued despite loving them. I have this thing where I keep trying new series after new series (there is so much to explore!) and forgetting to continue on with said awesome series I have already started.

I am pleased to report that I was 68% successful in that mission! It was a small list, 13 to be exact, but I progressed in most of them.

My second bookish resolution last year was to read more stand alone novels to help decrease my TBR list. I was only 20% successful in that mission. That was a list of 45 books, much larger.

So my resolutions this year are to carry on with continuing/completing series. I have added an additional 13 series to my previous list. I did not add any more books to the Stand Alone list but I want to keep chipping away at that.

What are your 2018 bookish resolutions??