Booberry One Month Later

Look – I’m just going to stop saying anything about my absences because they keep happening and there really isn’t a good excuse. I’m flaky!

It’s almost one month since Icepocalypse 2023 happened, and our insurance adjuster won’t be out to look at the damage until Thursday this week. All the contractors we called to get estimates on repairs, have not called back. It’s been fun.

Anywho, the actual point to this post is as advertised in the title. My sweet little Booberry has been with me a month now and I’m starting to see some color come back. I’ve added more plants to his aquarium along with a few bottom feeder friends. (Might be getting some floating plants this week.) For tank mates, I decided on panda corydoras. They’re super cute. Luckily, when they were introduced, Booberry checked them out and then did not care one bit about their presence. I’ve watched one swim right into him and he’s just too chill to care. There are three of them so Mr. C&M decided they should be called Lock, Shock and Barrel from Nightmare Before Christmas. I agreed wholeheartedly.

Thanks to this first betta rescue, I’ve become obsessed with both bettas and aquariums again. I’ve really enjoyed learning about aquascaping, and all the plants that come along with it. I haven’t read a book in about a month because my nose is constantly in my iPad watching YouTube videos and researching any questions I have.

Which, leads me to the latest development…

Meet my latest rescue! *Insert hysterical laughter here*

This little guy is barely old enough to be sold. He’s very skinny because the pellets they’re trying to feed him don’t even fit in his tiny mouth. He has pretty much starved with food right in front on him. I just got him yesterday and I didn’t think he was going to make it. He pulled through the night and perked up a bit. No name until it seems like he’s going to be okay. I haven’t decided whether I will keep him or adopt him out. Time will tell.

If I’m absent again, just know that I’m somewhere, doing fish related stuff like setting up a hospital tank and planning future tanks. :3

Give me your best aquarium tips if you’ve got ’em!


8 thoughts on “Booberry One Month Later

  1. I have no aquarium advice, but I will say I appreciate the way you throw yourself into things: volunteering with the garden folks, Ridley’s care, now the fish. I’m sure I’m missing some. It’s something I like about you!

    1. Aw, thanks doll. ❤ If there is one thing I am really good at, it's helping sick and injured animals. I really should have been a veterinarian. Can you imagine how many animals I would have then? 😛

      1. You still can become a vet or vet assistant. I can see you doing that even more than owning a book store. If you have to pick animals or books, the animals win.

      2. The conundrum is, I already make as much (sometimes more) than a vet assistant or tech. To become a veterinarian, I would have to take on school loans and it would take a long time to graduate, since I would have to work at the same time. =/

      3. I started typing “I didn’t realize vet techs only made x,” but then I realized I have no clue what you make, nor have I ever asked (nor will). On the other hand, you would be working with animals! I will say, after reading Samantha Irby’s memoirs, especially the early ones when she was still working for a vet, it sounds hard because the people are insane.

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