Icepocalypse 2023

Usually when I just up and disappear, it’s my fault. This recent vanishing was thanks to Mother Nature.

Wednesday, February 22, we had just finished eating and the power went out. We didn’t really expect it to be out long because it never is. But oh, the things that were in store for us. We spent the night listening to ice and tree branches fall on our house. It continued into the next morning. There is a decent amount of damage and Ridley almost got taken out trying to pee the next morning. Our power was off for 4.5 days.

The real heroes of the hour were Mr. and Mrs. Moth. They took us and the dogs in for 3.5 days. Kept us warm, fed and entertained while we had to pay a clean-up crew $2500 in work. There will never be enough thank yous for that. ❤

Now, it’s a waiting game to get insurance to make good on their end of the contract. So, if I’m distracted for awhile, I’m sorry. I will be back soon.


20 thoughts on “Icepocalypse 2023

  1. Looking at those pix, glad your house wasn’t totally busted up. Looks like that could have easily happened.
    And hurray for friends who help us out, right?

    1. Yes, I am very relieved that it wasn’t worse, but it still sucked butt. I had no idea tree clean up was so much money. Those boys were making a goldmine that day.
      I literally do not know what I would do without my BFF and her husband. ❤

    1. She stayed home with the roomie. They both stayed in the basement (roomie was invited to the Moths) and it was warmer than the rest of the house. I can only guess because the ground hasn’t really frozen this year that the ground was keeping it warm down there. They snuggled in bed together and I had her bed piled with fleece blankets. When we came back for the tree dudes, she was nice and toasty warm in her bed.

      1. Okay, she is not quite that bad. She makes the weirdest sounds and sometimes pees. I have to put a towel in the carrier and know that I will be throwing it away afterward.

  2. So sorry for the damage, but I truly understand. We didn’t have any damage to our house, but we have snapped trees all over the place. Some have come down, we cut them up and hauled them off, but some hang there causing future issues like hoping they don’t fall on us or our cars. We have a huge tree trunk laid out in the front yard that I hauled 16 truck loads of branches from. What is left is beyond ‘my’ hauling. 🙂 Here’s hoping you don’t see this again and insurance ponies up with reimbursement.

    1. That sounds like a hot mess! I’m glad that your house wasn’t damaged though. It was a relief just paying someone to take care of it for us but not everybody has that option. We would have tried to do it ourselves, but there were a couple very large, very dangerous ones that weren’t worth someone hurting themselves. I hope they pony up too! Make themselves useful for once! 😛

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