First Book Haul of 2023

Even when money is tight, sometimes you just gotta treat yo self.

As a mood reader, the one thing I did not have in my collection to quench a thirst if it popped up, was any non-fiction. I’ve always liked learning and even though I’m in school currently, my brain still wants more.

This is my second ever order from Their prices are pretty incredible. I bought 7 books for $38. (That tops what I spend in all of 2022 on books but who cares?! Books!)

The tantalizing box!

True crime, non-fiction, mystery, dogs. The range is good with this lot. I’ve already started Death’s Acre so expect a review of that in the near future.

What treasures did you get in your latest book haul??


11 thoughts on “First Book Haul of 2023

  1. I’m a sucker for goofy memoirs, like the lesbian couple that raised sheep, but I do enjoy learning from nonfiction, too. I’m really careful about the authors I choose, though. I want journalistic integrity.

  2. I can’t imagine life without books. I must admit I haven’t bought a book to read in about ten plus years. I use to have a wonderful way of recycling to a friend who then gave it to a senior home, but then I lost that contact. I headed to the library and never looked back. Our local library will find any book I want, and if they can’t they buy it. It always amazes me when they do that. I have many friends who love buying and shelving their books. More power to all of us readers!

    1. I do like using the library. My personal problem is that I am a mood reader and when I want it, I want it. If I have to wait, I might not want to read it anymore. It’s a curse really. But, the last town I lived in had a massive library and I used it all the time. My current town has a very small library. They will happily order things as well but my impatient little ass can’t handle a wait. :3

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