Riddle Master Update

Ridley does not recognize Day Light Savings time. We should be getting an extra hour sleep but instead, I’ve already had my coffee because once I’m awake, I’m awake. It’s hard to stay mad at someone so especially cute though. He’s technically correct and it’s our usual time to get up and start the workday.

So, I thought, what better time to post a Ridley update? He has made a few appearances in posts but nothing substantial.

This boy is an absolute snuggle master. I’ve never had a dog that tried their best to melt into you. He loves kisses and boops my face when I haven’t given him enough. Seriously, each check, his forehead and sides and top of his nose must be kissed before he’s satisfied. He will happily sleep on top of myself or Mr. C&M which has been something to get used to. He sometimes lays his muzzle on top of my mouth and nose while I’m sleeping. I keep telling myself he’s not trying to snuff me out, but I could be wrong. There are worse ways to go.

In the beginning of October, we had a medical emergency with Ridley. What the vet thought to be torn soft tissue from a bad jump, ended up being an abscess that ruptured 36 hours later. Of course, after the vet was closed. Luckily for us, we have a vet tech friend that I was able to call. She walked us through how to take care of him until morning. If you’ve never experienced an abscess rupture, it’s horrifying, and I will never forget that smell. By the time we saw the vet the next day, they pretty much said to keep doing what we were already doing and added painkillers and antibiotics. This meant keeping him bandaged while the wound finished draining (days) and keeping him calm until the wound healed on its own.

After the initial horror show, he was a model patient. The first night, I was the only one he allowed to bandage him. The pain brought back his association of pain with men, and he would not allow Mr. C&M to touch him the first night. Later, he sweetly apologized to his dad for being mean by sulking up to him and covering him in kisses. From then on, we had no more issues taking care of him. (In the second picture above, you can see his injured shoulder after it closed up.)

November 12th will be 3 months since we rescued him. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind but we’re making baby step progress. The injury definitely set him back socially. The pain triggered his mistrust of humans again. So, it’s like we’re starting fresh and that’s okay. Recovery can’t be rushed.


He is finally at a healthy weight. He hasn’t been to the vet since his injury, but I think he’s right around 47 pounds. (He was only 30 when he arrived at the shelter. Skin and bones.)

Animal rescue is a journey. He’s recovery won’t happen overnight, but I am so glad to have this boy in my life. He’s an absolute clown and love bug. I can’t wait to share the holidays with him. He’s going to love it.

23 thoughts on “Riddle Master Update

  1. He’s a very lucky dog to have you two as his dog parents. The rupture sounds so scary. He has so much character in his face hehe. I’m a sucker for all animals but especially dogs. Dogs are the best people

    1. I would honestly be surprised if he’s ever seen one. I’m pretty sure his abusers kept him in an abandoned house. (Common where he comes from.) He didn’t seem to know what rain was and jumped in the air trying to eat snowflakes when we had a light shower a couple of weeks ago.
      I hope he doesn’t hate them though because that means a mess for me to clean up lol.

  2. That poor baby. Animals can absolutely have PTSD, too (we think our Princess Garnet was abused…). Both cats have had to acclimate to DST. Cid has done this by destroying everything his head or fat stomach can knock over and then looking confused when we react accordingly. We love him. Ridley has the best support system ♥

    1. He definitely has some PTSD. He’s afraid of shovels and rakes. Dog fighters items similar to those as break poles to break up a fight. He also cannot stand ice against him (we tried icing his swollen shoulder), he freaked out and ran away. Rob looked into and apparently, they will also use ice water to break up a fight if the goal isn’t death. D:
      Ridley is a little freight train. He gets the zooomies and he’s crashing into anything and everything in his way. People included. I’ve been taken out more than once. 😛

      1. Do you know how old he is? He doesn’t look like he’s that old and he’s already that traumatized. At least those days are behind him. There might be some setbacks, but his trajectory is forward…as I’m sure you’ve been in the way of lol. I once caught a pitty trying to jump into my car lol. They ARE freight trains. Very sweet and just decided she wanted to jump into my car as I was getting out. Some animals just like me 😀

      2. We don’t know his age for sure because some monster ground his teeth down to the gumline. I think he’s maybe around 1 year. He has zero gray around his muzzle and acts so puppy-like. He’s eventually going to have to see a doggy dental specialist, I’m hoping maybe they might be able to pinpoint his age more.
        Once upon a time, Rob delivered pizzas and found a pittie wandering down the road. He opened his door and whistled, and she jumped right in. He took her home and her parents were so thankful. Only time his boss wasn’t made that a delivery took too long lol.

      3. Even the stuff they do to them that isn’t dog fighting is disgusting. You see so many of them without ears. There was this one I followed Nana the Earless Pibble who was used as a breeder for the first eight years of her life before she was rescued. Her ears were so infected they had to be removed and closed up. She also had no teeth at all. She had a wonderful life afterwards and lived another four years. I still follow the page but when I tell you I was devastated when they had to put her down…it’s like I know all the internet animals and they’re like my animals, too. I get so emotionally attached.

      4. Mr. Ridley has jagged ear tips where they were bitten/ripped off. 😦 It’s a wonder he loves other animals.
        Poor Nana! I’m glad she had a wonderful life after all that horror. ❤ I get attached to online animals too. But holy crap do I get attached to coworkers/friends/family pets, even if they're not mine directly. Like, you need help with them, I'm there.

      5. The fact that I remember the names of animals more than people tells you what you need to know about me lol. Our neighbors across the hall had a dog named Bailey. Don’t ask me the name of the people :p

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